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The Cross Upon his Shoulders

There was a weight he had to bear

A burden beyond compare 

The predetermined path to death

With every ounce of desperate breath


The cross upon his shoulders lay 

Knowing there’s no other way

To go the course complete the will

Of him whose wrath he could fulfill.


He’ll never walk that road again 

No criminals walk of death sustain

No piercing pain of timber weight

Or jeering crowds of fearful hate


I am convinced and now confess

That on that road of loneliness

The cross upon his shoulder then

Was not the burden carried for men


The Father’s judgment, sins reward

No passing cup, no golden chord

My guilt my shame my sin my death

Jesus carried till his final breath. 



Faith is the exhilaration of a kid thrown playfully in the air knowing he is safe.
Faith is the song of a lark that knows that the rising sun will dispel the dark.
Faith is the swagger in the dance of a peacock welcoming the rain.
Faith is believing what your eyes cannot see.
Faith is a knowing of a certainty that it is given to you even before you ask.
Faith is a gratitude in advance for its deliverance.
Faith is beyond hope.
Faith is not having to worry.
Faith is not believing in an alternate possibility.
Faith is pure love.
Faith is surrender but not cowardice.
Faith is a knowing beyond doubt that you will succeed.


Tough time shows tough reality of life
It’s the best time which shows real face of life
Those who so called as there for us wip off from life
This time actually makes us to meet friends for life

Tough time does not remain forever
One day it will wipe and will never return ever
But there are times which open our eyes
And let us see who are there for us in our life

Learn from this tough time
And become more stronger than ever
Let time be our best friend for life
As it gives us opportunity
to become more harder than ever

Some says reality is harsh
We will say reality is horrible
Because it unveils the real face of life
And makes us realize something very incredible

So let us decide to be rock solid
Let us become the one who will never crib
Let us time be our best time for life
As once this will evaporates
Again there will be crowd of morons in our life

So get yourself up
Struggle today for our own self
This time will not be there for long
So let us enjoy the time
Does not let our happiness to wait for long



Feelings demand no prose
Time demands no pause
Life demands no excuse.

Riddle of a vague maze
On the pathway of haze
An ironic style of gaze.

Unresolved yell of foe
Unshared tale of woe
Uneasy stroll of toe.

Memories may ruffle
Tragedies do muffle
Few hopes go shuffle.

Life can again bloom
When endeavour boom
And journey should zoom.

© Maaya Dev

Belief and Faith

You ask a priest

Does God exist?

Same way as you ask your beloved

Do you love me?

A non-believer is Good

A doubtful is ill


A non-believer

Is equipped with a belief

If not God

If not Love

It may be himself

A non-believer is a believer

Something firm he does stand upon

Once a doubtful

Always a doubtful

Doubting his own existence

Will never believe anything

Standing on moving sand


Believe in what comes out of you

Have faith in what rests in you

Everything outside is a glass wall

That is not you

Just a reflection of something

Unknown, unseen, untouched by you





Sometimes I Think

Sometimes I think

What do I value more?

Your lust for me

Or my love for me

If my dreams are mine

Shouldn’t they be about me?

Sometimes I think

What do I value more?

Your desires for me

Or my wishes for me

If my desires are mine

Why do I give up mine

For the sake of you

Your image of me

Or the real me

My prayers for me

Or my feelings for you

Whenever I pray

Why does my world

Gets reduced to you

Sometime I think

What do I value more

My faith in you

Or the man in you

Talk To God

 I talk to God today

I talk to God about…

Well, I talk to God about my day

Talk to God about my health

I told him about my emotions

How I love talking to God

Do you talk to God too?

I Talk to God yesterday

I talk to him when, I am ashamed

I talk to God about my goals

I talk to God as I pray

When I talk to God I am in such peace

Talking to God replenishes my spirit

Like a prayer poem from my heart

I talk to God

Yes indeed, talking God is my life

I talk to God when nothing is fulfilling

“I praise God” when I talk to God

I hope you talk to God Today.

    ( by Feon Davis )

    No Waivering of His love

    His love is non waivering

    His love is constant

    His love pure

    His love is non waivering

    His whispers is pertaining

    His glory ministering

    His love is non waivering

    His praise is profound

    His joy is over flowing

    His love is non waivering

    His word is teaching

    His holy spirit fulfilling

    His love is non waivering

    His judgement is just

    His image lives within us

    His plan is not done.

      ( by Feon L Davis )

    “I AM Surviving”

    “I Am Surviving”

    I survived from being born murder, before my birth,
    And He spares me,
    I survived molestation,
    And he comfort my spirit
    I survived rape,
    And he strengthens me.
    I survived verbal abuse by mankind,
    And he was my voice.
    I survived physical pain,
    And he healed me from the inside out.
    I am surviving despite my learning disability,
    And he reminds me, I am in his image.
    I am surviving with stress and depression,
    And in his arms, I am at peace.
    I am surviving this environment,
    And he held me near his bosom.
    I survived the disadvantages,
    And he meant for me to be a TESTIMONY.
    Written by Feon Davis
    © 2007 All Rights Reversed.

    Psalm 119:105