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Tomorrow and tomorrow..

Tomorrow will be broken

and all its voices spent,

the gathering of knowledge dispersed

colours rendered blank

words voided of meaning

and hope bartered in the market

for cheap reassurance;

when tides fail and

time runs out of itself,

what excruciating silence will follow?

what timbre,

what depth

reverberating down

the centuries, millenia, aeons

To end here at this point,

insignificant and dismissed

without ceremony

from its own presence.

The Future That Disappeared

In the darkest hour

they came for it,

bound and gagged it

put a hood over it;

it got in the car with them

they drove miles

along deserted country roads

and then they,


bound,gagged and hooded

they manhandled it

out of the car,

marched it across

a field;

Somewhere in the distance

a church bell tolled;

they didn’t ask if it had

anything it wanted to say

before sentence was carried out..

A few minutes later the car departed,

and the field lay undisturbed once more,

now home to an unmarked grave..


I wake up this morning

to the empty sky..

What are words worth

when they are no longer new?

When we hear some haunting lyrics,


so perfect,so borrowed

on a morning when

the Sun itself is no longer new

let alone all the things under it;

what shall keep us company

on dark winter evenings

if we’re not wrapped in the cloak

of a borrowed nostalgia that

recalls and replays on an

endless,endless loop

words that are no longer new

and what are words worth

as I wake up this morning

to the empty sky..

Event Horizon

Greyless grey

endless grey,

where beginnings began

and endings end

Shifting times of sand

where distances ran

out of time and space

and having run

ended their race;

No-one waited for

tide nor time

no-one not even you

and when time and tide

together were gone,

ebbed into the long ago

long awaited now

you were nowhere to be seen,

You were seen,


where you’ve always been

remaining remaindered

forgotten forgetting


Greyless grey.