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River Thoughts

Rushing River

River rushing fast and furious

Emotion from a frightened world

Dark pools swirl the spurious

Corners cut and stones hurled.


Another fall of rain and then

I wonder where life will flow

when the bank can no longer bare

the weight of worries, where to go?


Birds fly south and autumn leaves

wave in the wind of change

about to fall into swelling water

Spinning yellow from the inside out.


Questions twist together undefined

Will the trees see another year?

Will we pass the test of time

And overcome the taste of fear?


River rushing out to sea

To the depths of mysterious blue

Tell me if there is a reason

For feeling fury as I do.


A splash, then a wave rolls by

With power pressing indiscrete

Whirling water, wash the world

Sparkling drops make sour sweet.

Dancing Diamonds-A gift from the Sun


Dancing diamonds upon the lake

shimmering beauty calls me to wake

up and wonder upon the mystery of the Sun

talking to the water about the consciousness of One.


Swirling sparkles dazzle and dance

to the universal pattern of spin, and entrance

to the core where I am spiraling down

then soaring up through the top of my crown.


Shards of light shimmering to a star of six

holographic helix seen through narrow slits

as my eyes see a dance that brings me to tears

a witness to magic, so wondrous, so near.


Stunning, spiraling pyramids of light

transmitter of knowledge, such amazing insight

silently we receive our gift from the Sun

precious diamonds of light, the consciousness of One.