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Time escapes
like air from a pierced balloon,
our “now” is going
going fast
our “then” has already gone,
sans requiem, sans mourning;
even tomorrow will be too short
for all our dreams;
Time will no longer return
at our bidding,
even as we wait for it
on some distant shore

so terribly, terribly
gazing forlornly
into that forever,

Attributed to Pessoa

Attributed to Pessoa

There are memories

and there are memories

that aren’t yours;

There are days in the Sun

and there are days

when you weren’t there;

There is music you listened to

and there are melodies

which you’ve never heard;

There are tears

and there are tears you shed

for someone you never knew;

There are futures

and there are your futures

none of which will come to pass.



Looking back into that mirror
where our childhood lingers,
with its faraway faded images
waving to us
in the here and now;
Only it is us
in the here and now
waving forlornly back to ourselves

as we stood and stared and stood
like unanimated cartoons
in that mirror;
where the action moved on
storyline progressed
leaving us in the here and now
wary of missing the finale,
that denouement
better left unwritten.

Existential Exasperation

Do I remember the Past

as a portrait on the wall

or a book on a shelf?

the smoke that once rose

from a barbecue fire

or the splashes someone made

in the paddling pool?

Do I remember trains

that were never caught

and appointments missed

or voices raised in anger

and reconciliation dismissed?

Of futile questions

one stands out amongst them,

does anything really matter

at all?

A Modern Parable

How noble,wise and virtuous
they are who lead us,
ever onward, forward into that
better future which only they can see;
Though jostled together 
we press ever onward,
some right at the front –
the noble heroic archetypes –
some straggling behind,
but most of us,most of our kind
somewhere in the vast middle,
comforted and reassured
by all those around us,
making their way alongside us
with each step hope increasing,
even the hardness of the road we’re on
seems to have got softer,easier,
and thanks to our Leaders
for a while now
we feel as though we are walking on
the very air itself
as it whistles past our ears.
Here endeth the parable
of the Lemmings.



Time spent
spending time
like a spendthrift
in a thriftshop,
shopping for forgotten
Seconds care worn and frayed
Days kept unspent in dusty jars
Years that no-one has any use for,
collections of memories bound with amnesia,
the bric-a-brac of longing
pain and regret
fills the thriftshop
where like a spendthrift
we’re spending time
until all our time is spent,
throwing away a future
that no longer fits us
a future we’ve outgrown.