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A Modern Parable

How noble,wise and virtuous
they are who lead us,
ever onward, forward into that
better future which only they can see;
Though jostled together 
we press ever onward,
some right at the front –
the noble heroic archetypes –
some straggling behind,
but most of us,most of our kind
somewhere in the vast middle,
comforted and reassured
by all those around us,
making their way alongside us
with each step hope increasing,
even the hardness of the road we’re on
seems to have got softer,easier,
and thanks to our Leaders
for a while now
we feel as though we are walking on
the very air itself
as it whistles past our ears.
Here endeth the parable
of the Lemmings.



Time spent
spending time
like a spendthrift
in a thriftshop,
shopping for forgotten
Seconds care worn and frayed
Days kept unspent in dusty jars
Years that no-one has any use for,
collections of memories bound with amnesia,
the bric-a-brac of longing
pain and regret
fills the thriftshop
where like a spendthrift
we’re spending time
until all our time is spent,
throwing away a future
that no longer fits us
a future we’ve outgrown.


I wake up this morning

to the empty sky..

What are words worth

when they are no longer new?

When we hear some haunting lyrics,


so perfect,so borrowed

on a morning when

the Sun itself is no longer new

let alone all the things under it;

what shall keep us company

on dark winter evenings

if we’re not wrapped in the cloak

of a borrowed nostalgia that

recalls and replays on an

endless,endless loop

words that are no longer new

and what are words worth

as I wake up this morning

to the empty sky..

A Sailor’s Lament

They departed the harbour of Reason,

set sail across the Sea of Madness

with no prospect of making landfall any time soon;

” Come with us to the edge of the World “,

” Voyage with us into the Unknown “;

And the Sailor looked at the King’s

shilling which he held in the palm of his

hand,had exchanged his liberty for it

and after mature consideration

tossed it into the waves.