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Letting Go…!

Shadows of agonies
blunt and frozen
in icy-memories
Espousal’s the dusk
not to bewail of sunflowers falling
rather a celebration of blooming of water lilies
upon the dawn of moon
to kiss infinite stars on the sky.

You may write it down in the history
as some bohemian’s rhapsody.
Oh oh! Thy fellow being
It’s not just, just prosody
It’s the Buddha Poornima
Day of emancipation from all illusions
Beacon of enlightenment
Under the Bodhi tree
When the young Siddhartha
Was deeply moved
After seeing the four passing sights
It’s the concept of acquiescence
to unfold the truth, to unwrap life
of living a moment fully.

Letting go is the divine flow
Of the rivulet called life
For go ego, jealousy, hatred and all sufferings
Nurture and nourish the saplings and seeds
Of love, peace and joy.
Letting go means to be chivalry
With time, nature and with all beings
to flow with the flow simply
like a serene brook in its own rhythm.


When the feet of enlightenment move
Great oceans overflow
When that head bows
It looks down upon heavens
When those eyes open
A lion is revealed
If the lips move
A smile blossoms
Why don’t enlightened 
Rise up on their feet 
And express themselves
But then a speech
Is not delivered only by tongue
The body of such men is a speech
In itself
Such bodies have no place to rest
Except for the temple of self