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I am a wraith

Fanning away at your bedewed forehead

A gentle breeze in a window less room



I am a fluttering heart beat

A flitting thought

A joyous song


I am a mist

Rising and falling

With each breath
Living in utterances
losing myself in silences
I am a shadow

Melting happily into contours
I fall as tears from adoring eyes

And dart back quickly

To snuggle between supple lips


Let me wear smile of classy
refreshing fragrance of spring
by undressing my gloomy outfits
of lingering wet memories.

Let me relish ambiance of privacy
whispering to me as silent tresses.
Let the cascading waves of emotions
lash it on the shore of heart as stories.

Let me emblazon my true fancy
on the lap of blushing twilight.
Let winking eyes of twinkling stars
steal the discreet of montage.

Let me disguise crazy delicacy
in the enigmatic depth of night.
Let the haunting luscious silence
reveal the vintage of love.

Let me invade freely in the galaxy
of vast cloudless imaginations.
Let me dissolve wholly in the
pleasing envisage forever.

© Maaya dev

Different Shades !

Oh, so many words

playing in front of me

Let me catch you fast

and make a bouquet

to present as a poem.


Oh, so many colours

dancing in front of me

Let me pick a bit of each tint

to shade a lovely rainbow

for my little princess to swing.


Oh, so many days

passing through my life.

Let me live each moment well

So I can renovate self as season

And gift my beloved a beautiful life.


Oh, so many emotions

Bursting inside as firecrackers

Let me explore, experience, live

As I am unbiased and embraces all emotions

which belongs to me and makes me what I am.


Oh, so many relationship

Heaven bestowed to bless my life

Let me nourish and cherish carefully

To make my life complete before I leave

So I never have to born again to live again.

© Maya Dev


A yearning for a smile

When I wake up
in the morning,
I see myself
in the mirror.
I try to stretch
my facial muscles
but neither me
nor my image
in the mirror
is able to smile.
I look up
at the rising,
smiling sun that
seems to look down
upon me mockingly.
I go out
into the lawn
where blooming flowers
smile at me and
I turn my face
to the other side
as I can’t join them.
There are smiles and smiles
the rest of the day
but my heart still burns
from within
as smile is everywhere
but not within me.
How to answer
the smiles of others?
the query remains
always with me.
Crying at night
I fall into the arms
of sound sleep,
dreaming of getting
a big smile on my face
and hoping
for a miracle
to happen,
so that next day
I too wake up
smiling like others.