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Flaneur :-Arts Council Funded

The gallery was crowded,
the Flaneur felt a frisson
of ennui,
” comment? ”

his forefinger jabbed toward the photograph,
a man apparently stood on a mat
that was adjacent a bus stop,
a casual reading of the tableau
would conclude that the man foregrounded
was also waiting for the bus,
” ah,trompe l’oeil! ”

Along the bleached gallery wall,
in portraiture pose
a woman,une artiste,
locked in some contortionist fandango
with the corpse of a sheep,
the picture having been taken
during that animated exhibition,
existential dread was manifesting
itself in this gallery;
” Quelle domage! ”

the Flaneur affecting
a conjunctival squint peered
nonchalantly over his pince-nez,
An altogether hideous conflation
of postmodern brutalism,
a crown of beercrates perched on
the roof of a shipping container;
” exceptionelle! ”

the Flaneur,
aesthetic senses exhausted,
gazed myopically for the title
of this superb photographic display;

on the back of the Fire Escape door,
the blu-tacked laminated pink card read:-

” Arts Council England funding highlights “.