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A sliver of moonlight
Is all I am~
Lighting your heart
In the night,
Waning at the dawn
Of a new day…

An ephemeral white lily
Is all I am~
Lighting your eyes
So wildly,
Yet myself withering
By twilight…

A whiff of fragrance
Is all I am~
Awakening your soul
To the elegance
That is of love alone,
Yet you sleep…

The gleam of a dewdrop
Is all I am~
Kissing your eyes
With new hope,
But remembered only until
The day takes me…

– Sana Rose

Monsoon Blues Again

Once I wanted to die in the rain,
But today, I stare out the window
And no such beautiful pain
Touches my heart, no such tow…

Despite the emptiness in my chest,
The earth drinks her share,
Leaves me to listen, but no zest
Dares me, like I’ve not a care…

Now pain defines its own absence,
And how much I miss what showered
When pain coupled with elegance,
While hurts towered, poems flowered…