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Too Busy..


never said much,

always too busy;

Don’t know why

wouldn’t say,

always too busy;

Dropped a line

wouldn’t reply

always too busy;

Cards and letters

never received,

out of the country

would you believe,

always too busy;

Death notice

somewhere abroad

didn’t check out

found the next day,

Room service?

always too busy.


Author’s Footnote:

(one of my very early performance pieces circa 1997)

Casablanca Blank

It is always Gare de Lyon

and the last train out

of a city facing ruin;

It will always be

“As time goes by..”

and by,

and bye-bye..

The trenchcoat and hat

drenched by the long rain

of waiting and waiting,

of being Rick Blaine

a man with too much valour

in his heart being caught out,

not by the Men in Grey

who only want his life,

but by you,Ilse,who should’ve

wanted his heart and that stood

alone and waiting in the long rain

on the crowded platform

heaving with hearts pounding

in the communal solitude

of a time and a chance

left twisting,slowly,slowly,

in mirrors and labyrinths

where memories lose themselves

and are lost and found,


always at Gare de Lyon,

on fateful afternoons

where time never goes by.

Today is the Time

Today’s Time is very critical,
while we make use of it,
the treatment we give to our time,
it should be very special.

it is said that,
once time is lost,
it never comes back,
its true fact of life,
everybody of us knew it,
yet we waste our time,
as if time is ours,
and we can roll it back.

We should understand,
the importance of time,
we should never ignore,
the true value of time,
indeed once time is lost,
it will never come back,
we will just sit and cry,
than there will be no returning back.

Today is the day
we should get up and realize,
the true value of time we have,
today is the day,
we should spend every moment,
as if this is all we have.

So if possible,
take time and do one simple act,
love your loved ones,
spend time with your family today.

Say whatever you always wanted to say,
but you didn’t get time for it,
say it today,
just say it today,
live it today,
as today is the day,
which will be yours
and make the most out of it
only and only today.


Shakespeare Wrote This: “Credit Where It’s Due”

” Dear Sir,

A gallon of ale

and two pots of Honey,

please extend my credit

I’ve got no Money;

A side of bacon

and some cutlets of Pork,

let me pay you next week

I’ve no trinkets to Hawk;

I need new shoes for my wife

and a new set for the Horse,

put them on the slate

you’ll get paid of Course;

These few necessities will see me Through,

until I find a buyer

for Henry IV,Part Two.”

(I,Louis Kasatkin hereby admit to penning this back in 1998 at the time of the release of “Shakespeare in Love”which went on to get the Oscar for motion picture for that year.)

The Clock…

Imagine imagine imagine
if you would,
that there was a time
and it was stood,
dead still still stock
the imminent tick and awaited tock,
staring staring staring
down from its face
integers and moments eager to race,
in circles circles frantically around
all giving vent to their ceaseless sound,
counting counting and counting again
the seconds the minutes
everyone of them.

Imagine imagine imagine
just for fun
that there was a race
that was almost run,
the impatient tick and hastening tock
left us dead still still stock,
staring staring staring
at the waste
of all the time slipped past in haste,
counting counting and counting again
the days of our dying
everyone of them.

Imagine imagine imagine…

(another performance piece from circa 1996)

Dallas Book Depository ( 22 November 1963 )

He’s Got 30 Minutes For Lunch;
Miguel the janitor called in sick
so there’s nobody to talk to again.

There’s 20 Minutes Left For Lunch;
Hunched over brown paper-bag pastrami,
again,on rye that’s gone stale
and a warm Dr.Pepper.

There’s 15 Minutes Left For Lunch;
A seersucker-suit came round yesterday,
checking ID’s,he didn’t check the lockers
figuring nobody would steal any of the books.

There’s 10 Minutes Left For Lunch;
Tomorrow he can have something different,
he’ll ask when he gets home,
though not in time tonite for “Bonanza”
and “I Love Lucy” because of the crowds.

There’s 5 Minutes Left For Lunch;
Over now at the window he looks
down onto the Plaza,the motorcade’ll
be here soon!..he panics..where’s the locker key?
It’s right here..

Lunch Is Over;
He takes out the package,unwraps it,
opens the window,he’s sorry that
he didn’t get to show Miguel
the Janitor what was in the package..
They’re here now!!..
He aims the .303

(an early performance work of mine,circa,autumn 1999;macabre?erm.yes;I never could get the hang of sloppy lurve perms..)

Wild Wild West (Rebooted as Once Upon A Time in The West 31/10/2019)



Tumbleweed blowin’

saloon-doos flappin’




Five-pointed star gleamin’

townsfolk scurryin’

main street emptyin’



Faces hatin’

voices cussin’

Smith & Wesson answerin’



Bodies fallin’

women cryin’

for the Tall Cool Hat

face down in

that Long Hot Sun…

(One of my “later”performance pieces,circa autumn 1999)

The Big Sleep ( Re-booted 5 December 2017 )

A snap-brim hat caught
in the bar-room mirror,
a trenchcoat Theseus is
lost in midnight labyrinths
and their fragrances of promise;
Our hero is pearl-diving
with wisecracks for switchblades,
cutting open evenings and cutting
open dames’ hearts like oysters.

Out on the sidewalk gatts boom
like battlefield Howitzers,their
hollowpoint shells looking for shortcuts,
a trenchcoat and tux soak up the
moisture after getting rained on
by two Forty-Fours.

The Packard 8 roars back
into the panther lair of the
night,sirens and crazy red ‘n’blue
fairground lights come to take
some cold meat back to
where only dreaming heroes sleep.

A struck match caught in the
gleaming ornate bar-room mirror
Our hero is playing the Shamus
with dames wreathed in fancy
smoke rings,they’re offering him
intricate labyrinths to be got into
and out of, with a smile,
just like Ariadne’s thread.

(Louis Kasatkin has renounced his Right under the Copyright,
Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be recognised as the author of this work)