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Womb’s Doomsday !

A subtle journey from cells to embryo

Naughty! The cuddling of XY chromosomes.

A girl’s gender embossed magically

Blooming of lily with soft scented skin.

Slowly, she grows an angel with golden wings.

Her thrilled wings embrace the dawn of her life

as her wings know no boundary or fear

for she is wrapped in butterfly’s freedom.


Alas! she never saw the eagles hovering above

as the predatory eyes never fail to spot the prey.

For its greedy eyes and sharp beak are always ready

to hijack her to the lonely cliff with accuracy.

It never misses the first opportunity fall on its way

to brutally tear the flesh brimming with modesty.

With crooked talon it attacks with such lusty acuity

Her screams and defence fails to rescue her dignity.

She is in blazing pain and her tenderness coarsens wholly.

Her dawn bleeds to dusk and turned to a scary midnight

and the ebony too failed to conceal her bareness.

The night suddenly possessed with nightmares 

and her sleep is hanging on its noose as pangs.

Life stares at her indifferently and she lay there fragile.


The bruised soul’s muted pleas raise million queries in oblivion!


How long the perverts rampage her femininity as if their right?

What if she was their daughter, sister, wife or mother?

Would they be so insensitive to react as if no conscience?

Why she is just an object for carnal pleasures and nothing else?

Why cruel rapes, dowry harassment murders and suicides unending?

Why peaceful breath and safe environment is prohibited to her?

Why such media extravaganzas on her ruptured body and soul?

Who, how and when this nasty play can put a stop from being played in loops?

Does she not deserve answers for these questions with solutions?

Or shall the questions remain answerless as if destined?


Truth is, she shall never remain the symbol of patience

When her immense tolerance tested as delicate and let it bursts.

Then the Goddess of destruction in her shall reincarnate as solution

to reinforce her lost dignity, respect and feminine power

for which she shall sacrifice her divine power of womb

and mark the doomsday the world has never ever witnessed.


 © Maaya Dev