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A Pile of Words x2

Of Words A Pile


They say poetry some,

is of  pile words a just,

rhymed not or whether,

general which of in,

jot don’t a give they,

are are they what words but,

shudder ears and reluctant though,

they as might,

night ringing on keeps,

into the poetry on.


A Pile Of Words


Some say that poetry,

is just a pile of words,

whether rhymed or not,

of which in general

they don’t give a jot,

but words are what they are,

and though reluctant ears shudder

as they might,

poetry keeps on ringing

on into the night!



These are the transcripts of Louis Kasatkin’s performance poetry recorded live at Destiny Church,Wakefield at 18:20 GMT,Saturday 13 October 2018 on the occasion of the Church’s 12th. Anniversary Celebrations.You can copy & paste the URL link to the video :-



Lasting Impressions

What went ye out into the Wilderness to see ?

a man rich beyond measure

yet sharing the ordinary everyday ,

of those who sought and found

to some degree an unassuming kindness ,

an empathy without affectation

not to be found in trumpeted fanfares ,

but in a heart graced by

a shared Spirit and sustaining belief ,

leading and part of those led ,




therein the sufficiency of a promise fulfilled

of a life well led ,

What went ye out into the Wilderness to see ?

a kid *


( Footnotes: On Saturday 12 October,2013,Destiny Church Wakefield
is celebrating Pastor Ian Critchley’s 40th.year in the Ministry,
his 24th.year of leading a Church in Wakefield and his 60th.
birthday ! The last two words of the above poem affixed with *
relate to Ian’s experience as a child when his dad tried to
prevent his going to a local church by hiding his shoes. )