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Unkissed Kiss


why you vanished
like migrating birds
from the vista
of darling desires

on the melancholic wings
my un-quenched thirst
flaming and burning

in the depth of horizon
deserted dreams
falling like setting sun

yet I wait for you
near the grave
with unlit pyre
to embrace you
to own you
like a soft
unkissed kiss.

© Maaya Dev



Even breathing seems to be such a burden.

How do I unburden myself from this deep sense of worthlessness.

Innumerable times have I fought this upsurge of negative emotions,

Battled a thousand waves of despair,

Is this turbulence forever?

The more I discard it from within me the more it wraps me,

Oh! how many times should  I shed you?

How many times do you seep deep into my mind?

I collapse famished,

But, my soul you cannot touch,

Each time you attack me, my soul stays untouched,

It remains a source of energy and everything positive,

It lifts my body and gives the energy to battle everything that you pose with all your might.

You stand destroyed and my soul remains a constant companion to this weary body.

A Day in the Wilderness

I find myself walking in dark path of frustration
Bitter and Angry
Sad and Gloomy

It is a long walk into the light again
A path opens
A path into my fantasy
Sweet Fantasy
Romantic Fantasy
Frustrating fantasy

You wait for me
Standing by the open door
You reach for me
I walk towards you and take your hand

We walk into the house
God only knows what will happen
Behind the close door

I awake in the morning
I regret that moment
I walk away while your sleeping on your bed
I walk out of the house
I walk back into the despair path of life

The path that leads to you disappear
I walk alone
Frustrated with tears flowing down my cheeks

A new path opens leading into my sanctuary
I walk into my sanctuary
I close the door
I cry
My soul is downcast

I desire the things I can’t have
I lie on my bed
I close my eyes
I sleep

I had an awful day, yesterday
I had an awful night
Now, I’m walking into the bright path again
I can see everything clearly

Despair left
I can smile again