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Elderly Men Two

Elderly men two,

One spectacled, other not,

Covered with woolen clothes and all,

Watches bandaged to dry wrists,

Merrily sit and sip evening tea.

 Bench is bare and but they don’t care. 

A call they have

From Kolkata

An old mate is in hospital

Languishing lone for life’s breath.

Once they shared joys and woes

Once they visited friends and foes

There was mirth in the air

There was gay in their gaits.

How can they forget communal days?

How can they heal mutual wounds?

So they glue to the screen

Two tickets they need,

Tea after tea, route after route…

Yes, lucky they are

 Two tickets they get

By the window side.

Home they return,

Eyes gleam, hearts splutter,

And they wait for cocks to caw

And they hear the birds

They run to the sleepy station

And catch the mail

And they shriek and shout,

Finally settled,  a call they make

On wheel to their fading friend,

‘Zooloo! we’re almost close to your bed!’

The Last Call


I can sense my time is up

I can feel my soul is parting

I can’t leave nor can I fight

Link of body to soul is fragile.


The heaven is waiting for me

I can’t escape nor postpone.

All my promises are breaking

casting away all chains of bond.


In a flashback I glanced my life

Love felt, tears shed, joys shared,

Wealth gained, Wisdom acquired,

‘Stare’ gave me a sheepish disownment.


Today I am somebody with name

Tomorrow I will be nobody with flesh

While embracing the only truth left

I bid farewell to embark a fresh journey !!


© Maaya Dev

Quit like a Coward

Throw in the towel, give up and quit
Voices scream in my head as I stare in guilt
Take the easy way out
And save yourself a life of misery and doubts
Throw in the towel, they say,
And stop fighting to stay
You’re better off, everyone really is,
You’ll be free, like a feather on the open sea…

Lay gently down, and play a game,
Lay, close your eyes and pray
Then hold it firm, up to your temple
See, it is just that simple,
Just one, one in the chamber…
And right, you’ll have to pull the trigger
And as the slug is hit by the hammer,
In that moment, there, you’ve fired.
Free as an eagle you’ll soar higher
And out in to empty space, fire or just water..

But you’ll never know, a different voice spluttered,
You’ll never know which is better,
If your life really matters
And whether you’ll not just suffer,
But live to make some lady a mother,
And to some kids, be an amazing father…
‘Cause the selfish you doesn’t bother
As some fight to live a day longer,
As they fight some battle with cancer
Or make up for one wrong or the other,
To laugh once more as the family gathers
For some holiday; Christmas or Easter…

You’ll never know life and become stronger
Today than yesterday or you ever were,
Instead you’ll quit like a coward
And like a drunkard, out you’ll stagger,
And prove them wrong that thought you were smarter
And cuter than all your brothers..

Or just stay a day longer,
Taking things a littler slower,
And live a day after the other
And become, not a hero or someone super,
Just another human who has become wiser.

Joel Ogunjimi 2015©

Beacon of Enlightment

Passing through the woods aimlessly

I was caught with some thoughts

Of some old feathers as retrospection

In reminiscence of some golden memories

I stopped by the woods

Sat alongside the river

Whole serenity in muse

Tranquil sky in sync, channelizing breeze

Nature’s symphony, rainbows rehearsing

Koel’s cajoling, peacock dancing

moment juxtaposing moment

to beget life.

A finite sequel of moments


till the moment ceases

for a new beginning

or, never to follow the sequel.

I watched the moon was playing

under the stars riveted sky

down in the river

 fireflies’ drop the light

and I was feeling the warmth

of thousand splendid suns

as beacon of enlightenment.

© Maaya Dev

When I Die

I am sure
When I die
No one will cry
I made everybody
So independent of me

I wish
My every day
Was like my funeral
Everybody around me
Talking about me
And I don’t even
Bother to see

Have some grave concerns
About my life beyond grave
When the earth of my birth
Becomes the dust of my grave
And I face my grave
Was I the brave
Who braved all odds?
Shall I en-grave the word
On my grave?

Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes

They come up to you, clapping, cheering, waltzing their ways
Into room full of bright light, dinner, wine and coquetry.
Life, as you see, it is for the living
Breathing common, humdrum with the cheer
Of a frog leaping, while they see death is for the dead.
The symphony of all their voices, their breath against each other
And lousy fun reverberate in the evening air
Like the music of love, while death
Through the swaying trees, is heard weeping on the breeze.
From a stealthy, safe corner, I open up the door
And pick up its note unsaid.
Death, the identical twin of this roaring, bustling life.

The evening room is squirming with exhaust fumes and laughter
No one knows where this note came from.
My sensation of travel as I sing the note
Is all controlled and guided.
I can see the river blue eyes of your graveyard
Smell the flesh burning
As its embers flash back in time.
I can see the light, bright white and pure
Exit from the total darkness and surrender,
Entering the green pastures of eternity.

I falter in this room full of the living,
My muffled voice resists reaching out,
Tethers and stops amidst the mad cacophony.
Halfway out the door I found this poem
Ignite us as one.

Yesterday I Saw Death

Yesterday I Saw Death

Yesterday I saw death,
Standing at a crossroad beside a pile of dirt,
Wearing a long face,
While looking at humanity’s mad race.

Yesterday I saw death,
Inside the delivery room,
Smacking his lips at every new birth,
Watching the bride smile up at the groom.

Yesterday I saw death,
Pacing the streets without a moment’s rest,
Asking every passerby if they’ve got a smoke,
Swift shake of the head proving there’s just no hope.

Yesterday I saw death,
Sitting on the church’s pew,
Listening to the preacher as time slowly crept,
Looking round to see who was listening, but ‘twas just a few.

Yesterday I saw death,
Within university walls wearing a beret,
Wielding a gun while he downed a stiff drink,
Screaming as he pulled the trigger, “Forgiveness is a sin.”

Yesterday I saw death,
Walking slowly towards me with eyes downcast,
Killing everyone he passed no matter how healthy they felt,
I said “Hi,” shook his cold hand and gently walked past.

James Ogunjimi
December 2014

The Last Talk

Strangers to the core, by instance of fate,

brought you to my life’s fore;

like canopies of conifer and deciduous ,

altogether stark  variance in all,

still we struck an unseen chord

and a bond beyond all recall;

a chirpy and cheerful story,

with all its on and offs,high and lows;

abruptly stopped and made short.


the tale of our togetherness ,

was still an episode of  power and intense;

the four percent cranberry alcopop

in times spent  just by  us,

shows now a person’s care of full cent  percent;

the revolving “a” in the antivirus once you installed ,

seen at my desktop right bottom corner

hauntingly reminding your unending support

in all small ways ,now hitting memory  like jagger;

the small packs of oregano and the chilli flakes seasonings  ,

that we had in excess as you ate to satiety ,

the home delivered chicken pizza,

still lying around ,fresh and untouched,

just to remind the real spice and zing in you !


many scents of you lying around  lingering

i now cannot believe u may be in outer space floating,

for I remember,you  once said about your special affinity

towards the mysterious extra terrestrial  divinity;


The headway of decibels filled with care and love,

as usual to be exchanged , was what the talk ;

even though far ,  gadgets connected the hearts;

But this time, clarity and concern galore,

taken aback  and felt like an assertive lore;


Away did we rest each other by ourselves;

Only to hear now,all that sudden divineness

had been a prelude for a precious journey;

Silent and calm , arrested in sleep,

your charming heart had little to say !

You exchanged havens and

now remain in the heavens !

The most elegant talk, the divine talk,

the soul-stirring last talk !