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Red Roses and Pink Blushes

An Incandescent inflorescence

of dashing red roses,

Glowing with the glamorous

glimmer of pink blushes,

Infectious smile and innocence

her top note fragrances,

The very sight of me,

her twinkling eyes in a tango dance !

Off shoot of my double helix matrix ,

with all its mind and magic ,

Added with her own ingenuity

and charms with a no fuzzy logic,

A child always and also my mother at times of love,

She is born to show me that..

Love is an extreme pain

Which is not born, rather inborn;

An intricate, obscure

life-sustaining pain!

Which is all that

we unceasingly yearn for

Love is the reason for all seasons

and the reason that has no seasons!

Love is the every ones’ inclusivity

that is omnipresent,

Love is an individual’s exclusivity

that is omnipotent!