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The Big Short

Did they offer you a thought

for all your pennies ?

did they want your gold

in exchange for a goose’s egg ?

did they swap your silver linings

for a sky full of clouds ?

Would you trade your last dollar

for their word of honour ?

Do you keep all of their promises

in a jar ready to use on a rainy day ?

and all of these things

they saw but they did not see ,

they heard but they did not hear ,

and they knew ,

they knew it all

but still they tried not to know.

Footnote: –

” The Big Short ” both novel and current motion picture release are about the events that triggered the Financial meltdown/Banking Crisis in 2008.

Mad Max

Diesel and dust

bone and rust ,

fumes and flames

madness and an epiphany

wrapped in golden chains ;

Chains of horror

stretching out toward

that far horizon

glimmering with what

looks like hope ,

receding receding

into the distance ,

and with it the

dying of the light

moonless night

ablaze with fires

stoked by rage ,

roaring across the sky

dawning in an endless succession

of days and days

stripped bare of meaning ;

instincts alert

the desire for one more breath

the thirst for more gasoline

for the engines’ roar ,

roaring back into life

that bleeds a thousand souls

crushed under the wheels

of a now and forever spinning

forever on an axis ,

smothered in flames and fumes ;

an epiphany…


The dark in all its grayness

clouds behind the shadows

hiding in the clouds ;

Uneven tempoed adrenalin flowing

downwards into tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ,

as they creep in by stealth or sleight ;

Red yellow orange and blue sparkling

shining gleaming screens in a million homes ;

all with their excuses

hidden behind locked doors ,

shivering in unison in fear of

of what might be once they wake up ,

alone and alone again to the wailing sirens

the sharp report and echo of gunfire

in their street ,

outside their door ,

in their hallway

where a newsreporter smiles

amid the dark and all its grayness.

The Law of Gravity

They parachuted
without parachutes,
went hang-gliding
without frames;
they knew that they
that they could not
could not refute Newton’s theorems
on the effects of gravity
on a body descending;
sky-diving with too little altitude
toward an inattentive crowd,
busy scurrying,
too large too large,
to even comprehend
what those dots were
and what they were doing
coming ever closer to those
staring back at ,
now deserted office blocks,
where down darkened hallways
telephones are still ringing,

( Footnote:- ” The Law of Gravity” was inspired by and composed after watching the Stephen Daldry Oscar-nominated film,” Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close “)