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Ode to a Pandemic (by Dr.Phillip Earnshaw)

Ode to a Pandemic

A year of loss and pain

Lockdown one, Lockdown two and three
PCR, Lateral Flow Test and PPE
Ventilators, Nightingale hospitals and those in ICU
Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives

Sputnik V – the Russian vaccine – first they shout – suspiciously
Sounds more like a spacecraft from our childhood to me
Oxford Astra Zeneca, Pfizer Biontech and many more
Moderna, Sinovax & Jannsen – so many now – what a bore

Tiers 1 to 4, Care bubbles combined with the rule of six
Different in other parts of the UK – confusing – we’re in a fix
Eat out to help out & let’s keep going
Act like you’ve got it. Keep the testing flowing

Work from home, furlough, shielding, Test & Trace
Joe Wicks, Zoom & home schooling now the place
Donald Trump, Vitamin D and Hydroxychloroquine
Buying stuff from the internet – has that delivery man been?

Digital Church, blogs, quizzes & Zoom coffee
Preaching to every continent – amazing – how can this be?
The second lockdown Easter – we’re almost free
Our Lord is risen – He did it all for me!

Dr Phillip Earnshaw
April 2021

The Skies Above Kent, 1940

Who shall make manifest again the courage of Lionheart?

who will make their way to

the cockpit of the Hurricane?

who shall glance upward at adversarial skies

abuzz with intruders and not blanch?

A radio’s circumspect utterance that

there might be something terribly amiss

at odds with Summer’s timeless evocation

reassuring approbation of cider in the jar

and the sound of willow on leather;

In such moments who do we expect

to step up to the mark?

to re-enact that which was all too bloodily

enacted on long ago days under different skies,

Agincourt, Ypres, Mafeking, Trafalgar, Waterloo;

those days have long burdened us to be this way,

coffin-borned Te Deums that ensure it falls

to Summer to offer up its stage whereon we,

we all get to play our part:

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,

wherever tyranny and liberty rendezvous,

who shall make manifest again the courage of Lionheart?

who will make their way to

the cockpit of the Hurricane?

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 8)

(Geraldine, Maya, and Pedra were talking in the kitchen while drinking some Jasmine Yin Zhen tea.)

”Between Bosphorus and Dardanelles, the waters are calm, ”
Geraldine Said, ”I love the life and the sea while being on this ship.”
Maya said, ” Let me see the meaning of the lines in your palm! ”
”I worked a lot; I can’t feel my hands when something I grip.”

Maya insisted, ” Let me rub your hands with Gilead’ balm! ”
”I can’t stand the hustle and the bustle of some big cities.
Will you predict my future after reading my palm?
”You’ll be surrounded by death coming from the waves’ ditties.”

”What is this balm? ” ” It’s an extract from the bakha shrubs.”
”Where did you find this shrub? ” ”This extract is brought from Chios,
Where this tree grows near the sea; I use it to make balm and drugs.
It’s good for the stomach and prevents the skin infections.

I used it also to make bread tsoureki.” ”It’s sweet, ” Pedra said,
”You must know that this tree excited the cupidity of many invaders-
The groves of Jericho.” Maya touched her, ”Are you afraid? ”
”It’s a place where to fight Titus, Joshua, and the crusaders

Emerged, ” Pedra took a long look at her, ”Do you have children? ”
”I have two boys who live in the southern part of the Ottoman Empire.
My husband died.” ”Why did you come here? ” ”I’m a poor woman.
Now, it’s a war; I want to work here, not to walk through the fire.’’

(Maya left the kitchen. On the deck, Marco, Rosa, and Cruz stopped for a few minutes their walk to admire the Marmara Sea while approaching Çanakkale.)

”Anybody who wants to pass through the Dardanelles
Must pay a tax. So, we must sit at the anchor in waiting
For an opening of this small Port of Çanakkale, ”
Said Cruz. ” About buying fuel, the seamen are still debating, ”

Said Marco.” This city is placed on two continents.”
” The shape of the strait is akin to that of a river.”
” Its history started with Troy. The tidal currents
Make this time of wait at anchorage a deceiver.”

”The Dardanelles is the most dangerous waterway, ”
Said Rosa, ” Maya and Naimah are talking fiercely.”
Cruz said, ”They’ve seemed not to know each other until today.”
”What happened, Maya? ” ”He can’t stop speaking viciously.”

(To be continued…)

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Frederick and Geraldine (Part 7)

Chiara, Arturo’s wife, approached them together with
Lucca and Francesca, the other Italian pair
Saying, ”Is Quare’s invention real? I think it is a myth.”
” His barometer measures the pressure of the air.”

Chiara wore a red big gown, with lace trimming the low,
A green velvet mantel, which was lined with some ermine,
Square neckline and sleeves, which were gathered at the elbow.
She spoke well Italian, Spanish, and German.

Italians wanted to disembark at Syracuse.
Bella and Miguel traveled to Barcelona home.
To find a new home, Naimah and his son had an excuse.
Out of their Turkey’s limit, through the storms, they would roam.

Tia, Athan, Megan, and Karsten would disembark
At Selanik, an Ottoman province, where Ahmed
The Third was reigning while his war was a fire in the dark.
They were Greeks being born during the reign of Mehmed.

Marco and Rosa, Cruz and Pedra, Pedro and Carla
Were Portuguese pairs coming home from America.
They had bought from the Pueblo Indians some ollas.
They gave one to the Russian pair, Ivan and Erica.

Ivan said, ”Tell me something about these Indians.”
Carla said, ”Their belief means dualism; they eat corn.
Some of them became Catholic due to the Spanish civilians.
They think they emerged from the underwater space to be born.”

Carla wore a black cap, having a veil, and a green gown
Patterned with acorns and flowers, and her sleeves were caught
With jeweled clasps on the lace at the elbow; her eyes were brown.
”The water is fresh in the ollas; I like their color a lot.”

She asked Ivan’’ Now, where do you go? ’’ ‘’We left the war.’’
”Ahmed and Peter the First! ” replied Cruz, ” tell me something,
How could you reach Constantinople after coming from a far ”
Zone? ””I do trade with them, but this war destroyed everything.”

”Did you lose everything you had? ” Marco asked Ivan.
”To make business in Turkey, I sold all my Russian goods.”
Erica tried this conversation to enliven,
”In Portugal, we’ll search for a job in cities and hoods.”

Marco wore a banyan with a patterned lining; his cuffs
Were embroidered in gold; his justacorps and stockings
Over his breeches were red like Rosa’s shoes and muffs.
All of them wore periwigs and talked a lot while walking.

(to be continued)

Poem by Marieta Maglas

The Power of Dreams



I cannot go inside your dreams,
Only angels know that place.
And if I recognised you –
Would you have a different face?
The rising tide that washed our feet;
Has long reached a different shore,
The clouds have changed from dragons,
And just turned to clouds once more;
The roadside knows my footsteps –
Somehow an echo has remained,
But the crossroad sign has turned around,
Nothing here is still the same.
So which road will I follow now?
I’ve crossed rivers, waded streams,
For me it doesn’t matter –
No, for me it doesn’t matter –
I have lost the power of dreams.

Let the Year pass with happiness

We say wholeheartedly goodbye to 2014,
let the new year come with the most amazing moments,
let the coming year be full of joy and happiness,
the year which is just passing,
let’s bid farewell in most amazing way.

We wish happy new year to all,
we wish new year which will come,
this new will be full of happiness,
we shall also wish new year to be full of gratitude,
the happiness that we are going to receive,
let us wish that happiness in advance a big thank you.

We are happy at this moment,
we are enjoying at this moment,
let this moment be the most memorable one,
let this moment be the most amazing one.

What a nice time it is,
when there are celebrations everywhere,
there is enjoyment everywhere,
there are just loads and loads of wishes everywhere.

This moment is full of happiness,
let us all live at this moment,
before this moment just passes away,
taking within it loads of excitement,
let us pledge to ourselves,
to be happy like this, not for just this moment,
but for the coming year, for all the moments we live,
we will all live all those coming moments,
with the same happiness,
with the same enjoyment.

Let the year which suddenly will become past,
at this present live it to the fullest,
laugh at this moment to the fullest,
let this moment be celebrated every day in the coming year,
let this excitement be there forever.


Humanity Is Lost Somewhere

Gone are the days
when humans use to live in peace,
when there were humanity alive,
with whom there was peace of mind.

Whether humanity is still alive,
or its lost somewhere??
I have never watched human since a decade,
everybody is busy in acquiring territories,
and everybody is just busy in moving ahead.

Always in the game of life,
humans are being targeted,
but why innocents are being killed,
those who still don’t know the meaning of life.

There is a huge mass of people,
there is a huge gathering of minds,
where there is only planning to kill people,
where there is only plan to acquire other minds.

There use to be a beautiful planet,
which is known by the name Earth,
now there are no human beings left,
no species left only machines are lying.

Let us pray for better tomorrow,
let us pray for kind hearts,
where there are no sufferings,
Let’s pray to have that beautiful planet,
where there are only humans
having their hearts in their soul alive.

Scotland Won

Northward the train speeds

hearthward bound to Kith and Kin ,

to calmer climes ,bolder climes ,

surer days , surer airs ,

wrapped in their firmness of a

promise made long long ago

before the Stuarts failed and hearts waned ;

Vision now restored ,expectations unsheathed

not by heroes nor by warriors

nor stentorian oaths ,

but by quiet confidence woven

of steadfast certainty that when

all seemed lost forever mired

in betrayal and compromise ,

there would again come such a day ,

as this

here and now



( footnote :- I composed this around 9 p.m. on Thursday 18 September )

A Brief History of Britain ( Rebooted 29 November 2017 )

Faded ,forlorn the banners of our memories
once held high now cast aside ,cast down ,
trodden into the dust marched over by legions
of those who came after in ignorance ;
Even the ghosts have departed this empty husk
of a once was Power ,this paralysed parody of
those sceptered isles,that seat of Mars ,crumbled
overwhelmed by the same deluge that took
from our hearts, Atlantis ;
Those Venerated ,those Valiant whose deeds validated
all that we stood for ,all that we ever believed in
are now counted as the small-change amongst market traders
whom we let barter our very souls for a mess of pottage ;
Whilst entombed in our sonorous sloth ,
they took from us all that had once been
vouchedsafe by Viking ,Saxon ,Norman
for so long so very long an Age ;
In our belated awakening
we find ourselves naked ,
caught in the glare of a history
which no longer recognises nor has need
of us in this our unkempt beggarly state ,
of which those who once fought for us would be ashamed
that all their sacrifice and all their pain
had yielded such a paltry gain.

A Child’s Fairy Tale

All animals are equal

but some animals are

more equal than others ;


all join in the family fun

getting ready for slaughter in the midday sun ;

Piggy piggy trough trough

snout snout snout ,

lives in the mire

no-one gets out ;

Eat eat eat belch belch belch

snuffle snuffle snuffle ,

silly little piggies never found the truffle ;

The Sun sets and all hope smothers ,

for Fathers,Sisters,Mothers,Brothers,

who without knowing lived for the profit of others.