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Roofs Are Blooming Fields

Covid-19 monster

Ravaging the world in fury,        

Social distancing is people’s elect way

And India locked down for weeks 

Streets empty, shops shuttered

Playing fields lay idle coated with long grass

And birds in hanging boughs twirl and trill.

Never knew roofs were running bays

For children, teens, old and all.

Same evening, same sinking sun,

Same flapping bats tiredly ploughing the orange sky.

Roofs are blooming, gleaming fields

 But how so sudden is a riot of colour?

 Is it a spring or a marriage vow?

 Motley children frisk and shriek,

A barren couple, ears wired,

Springs and sprays,

Fat women run in rhythm

 And their faithful men follow,

Whine and whistle.

Self-isolated, people clean, cook and spray

 And make home a heaven, heaven a home

And thus they tame the dreaded beast,

And thus they pledge to win the scary race.