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Fail did he

in scripting the wild

Though promises seemed

like candyfloss to a child

Fail did he

in breathing for a while

That was the time

he parted with his quill

He couldn’t be with her.


Realise did he later

what he had lost

The rain in its flowing beauty

just before the frost

Realise did he

the eternal knot

That was the time

he again cuddled his quill

He again breathed her.


A puff eager, by the banks,

taken to resolve;

resolve what seems already solved

Mundane ashes in the backwaters dissolved

An axis stagnant, eager to tilt;

eager to revolve.


Is there a Bulbul as such-

voicing melodies under a raven’s watch?

Is there a provoking touch-

gifting warmth under an alien clutch?


The lady with synthetics torn;

deprived of stainless knobs,

takes a dip

Emerges with a stretched lip


Is she a rebel?

Or is it I

who is a fake foam.


Gangotri has lost

Ganga has won

The one tilted shifts back

Absurdity meets its clarity

back home.

Kafka’s The Sanction : A Personal Odyssey

Without having done anything wrong
I woke up one morning to find
that I had been ” Sanctioned ” ,
For without knowing it I had ,
at some point in the past
inadvertently expressed an opinion ;

It was that which gave them cause
to raise their euphemistic ” doubt ” ,
then pass on that ” doubt ” to others ,
who then embellished and modified the opinion
I had been reported as having uttered ;

They passed on the rebooted version of my dissent ,

To underline my culpability it was pointed out ,
that the ” good reason ” that I’d have to give
in order to stay the Sanction was itself
not defined in Law,
my ” participation ” in their forced labour scheme
was also a term not defined in Law ;
Although i did not falter ,nor flinch,
nor hesitate ,nor seek compromise
or for my wounds to be salved ,

Thirteen weeks of penury ensued ,
imposed by implacable bureaucratic rules ;

they had achieved their goal,
planting the ball in the back of my net
after first getting the goalkeeper sent off.

None of that is defined in their Law either.

On August 13 2015 I completed a 13 Weeks Sanction imposed by the Department of Work & Pensions
for what they said was my failure to attend / participate in Mandatory Work Activity. M.W.A. is a state-run forced labour scheme onto which long term unemployed are conscripted. Once on it ,they are supposed to initially undertake 120 hours of unpaid work ( 30 hours per week for 4 weeks ). This I was reluctant to do. For full story and background you can visit #DansLaMerde on facebook. Similar State-run forced labour schemes are now the norm in capitalist countries as diverse as Germany and Australia amongst them.
Official estimates for the UK show that 1,000,000 so-called benefits sanctions are routinely issued each year.People are in effect left in the direst of need for the duration of their sanction period.

A Sephirothic Angel

The sounds made spiky, jagged

angles. They were like deep water

gushed up
through three mouths. The woman
slowly moved her head
from side to side. She lost

her right sight, nor could she

recognize the chasm
around. She tried to dance
her legs while wearing a weary dress. Her
blues partner was
indistinguishable. She appeared
to be in love with him,
but in fact, she needed to feel
changed by
this healing power. She felt

his left hand gently caressing

her breasts

while talking about
her wistfulness as about a solitary stone
in the sea. A Sephirothic Angel having

a white wing
and a black one

approached to help her find
the balance between life and death.
This angel remained behind

the right edge of the window

on her bloodied wall. In the mirror
of time, her white and black face
skin cracked.

Her soul was
old, though still pure
while trying to
crawl out from
its hiding chaos.It was the end

of the summer, and
the arctic terns flew south
to spend their
next future
on a pack ice.

sephiroph angel of darkness


We’ve been here before .
at the abyss’ edge daring
ourselves to stare right in ;
cajoling one another
with all the fervour
of middle ranking bank executives
leaving work late to-night;
With wifey and kids at home ,
and the endless toil of years
wearying your souls over
mortgages ,cars ,holidays
and that swedish furniture ;
We’ve been here before ,
gesticulating with wagging finger
at the madman ,the lunatic ,the psychopath ,
the sociopath ,the misanthrope ,the zealot ,
the bigot ,the fanatic ,the extremist ,
the revolutionary ,the reactionary ;
those who know what the game is really all about ,
zero sum.
No way out.
We’ve been here before.

Requiem for a Tyrant

Sat at the head of the table
you waged war on yourself with every breath ,
it seemed like it was all for nothing
for those towns you had put to death ;
While others broke down their walls
you raised walls even higher ,
all your words about freedom
were words spoken by a liar ;
You were some kind of world leader pretend
who left the rest of us with
nothing worthwhile to defend ;
You were given power to do as you saw fit ,
and you saw to the closures of factory,mill and pit ;
In your aftermath every now and then ,
we will look up your epitaph written
in Romans chapter three verse ten.

( Footnote gleaned from KJV :-10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: )


summer dawn –
the path of cowries
beyond the sea

summer dream
counting the butterflies
in neighbor’s garden

piercing the
breeze, my chute lifts –
summer beach

summer twilight
the bee eater stirring
tall grass

summer sunset
changing colour of
rising waves

summer’s end
the waterfall thunders into
my laughter

last day of summer
bouncing, the pool ball
of her eyes

summer ends
the wallah takes down
the raincoat array


winter dawn
a patch of clouds
blossom a bare tree

holding on
with what she left behind
winter moon

winter rain
the urge to feel
the newborn

full moon
winter’s stillness
in a soap bubble

uphill walking
she takes me into
winter clouds

winter deepens . . .
lungi shivering on
the beggar’s face

on the rock . . .
the descent of water ends
winter’s loneliness

winter twilight
homing mynahs
over my backstroke


Twilight sky;
breezing clouds,
rare rain droplets,
circling eagle,
homing mynahs,
winging doves,
wet autumn leaves,
scenting blossoms,
flirting butterfly,
chirping nippers,
skating boys,
swinging girls,
floating kids,
unwinding babies
from strollers
and wheeling
on every floor,
from both sides,
all awakening my