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What can you do
when envy gets in your way?
You feel the snake
sliding slowly along your spine;
Your eyes are emitting rays
that are supposed to burn
You smile,
You look indifferent,
so that you savour a little revenge
Go home and eat your nails!
Dream dreams of greatness!
“What? Don’t you think that
I can conquer success, too?”
Get brave in your solitude
so that in the morning
you can face the ruins in the mirror,


Door to our Daily Bread open now...

Door to our daily bread, open now!
Door to freedom and to peace
Door to the heart, turn the key
Toward united human dignity

Door to a better world for all
In front of our house of gold
Door invite us bravely through
And end forever the ways of old!

Door connecting worlds to share
Infinite energy, is ours, is free!
Door to water pure and sweet
Open wide! Let´s Divinely Be!

Let us walk together through
And sit in our house of gold
Welcome home! Close the door!
We are Divine, Truth now unfold!


broken words ,

lying empty ,

scattered ,

some of the words are… ,

parts of syntax…… missing ,

if simply misplaced ,

we can’t find……. ,

what should…… be…… ,

familiar patterns have…… ,

grown……. fuzzy……. edges ,

around them……….. …… those ,

words……. broken…… ,

some of the…….. are….. ,

broken.. broken…………. broken ,

……… are ………… ……… words ,

words……. are……… lying.

My tree chair

Go sit in that tree
On limbs of love
Take up your chair
And just be there
Look to the sky above!

Unfold your arms
Breathe wide your heart
Open your eyes
Receive the surprise
Prepare a new start!

Smile a broad grin
To all in your sight
Flashing Spirit
Take time, renew it
Know all IS all right!

From your nice chair
In those arms above
Tell something new
Whatever you do
About Me,


So comforting these trees around
Their energy poured about
To hug them as the need to ground
Or calm and still my shout

Their presence is a blessing
Amongst the noisy din
Our thoughts always pressing
Absorbed through their darkened skin

I am glad they watch the play
Remaining still and firmly rooted
Though wind may make them sway
Staving off what we’ve polluted

Being part of nature’s beauty
A treasure to protect
They are on the earth’s watch duty
To help us to perfect

By reaching higher and beyond to see
Things from another view
Can we be graceful as a tree
Standing in peace with me and you?

Ice Rose

Frozen flower on window pane
Caught in glorious pose
Crystal necklace, interwoven
Waterdrops, a perfect rose
Soul sculptured ice rain
Seducing rays of sunshine
On glass before my face
Turning ice into steamy sublime
Clouds of thought that race
Stirring someplace inside my mind
A frozen rose, an ice rose,
A memory imprinted on my heart
Since before the start of time
Melting illusions of reality
And me.

Paradigm Shift..

what if,
“when” ;
we’d no
be looking
at the map
but be
on our way ;
we’d no longer
be on the train
but arriving
at our destination ;
if and when
all the
be understood,
and all
of journeying
cease ;

( Composed 20th.October 2011,between the hours of 1pm and 7pm )

Nature’s Siblings at the Shore

Flesh witnessing water tumbling over stone

North wind breathing hard and chasing waves come crashing home

Eternal rhythm of rocks spitting foam

Sending whiteness skyward, outward into crannies as it roams.


Wave spilling over itself to greet each rock afresh

Weaving, heaving forward in a wet power press

To endure this ceaseless motion can the rocks alone contest

Stubborn ocean conversation, the one I love the best.


Me watching ancient daughters of mother earth converse

My hair flies as wind surges and so together purse

These three sisters in Nature’s song and ever endless verse

They have the power to cast a spell or dissolve a wicked curse.


When I am no longer standing watching from the shore

The waves will greet the rocks from now on till ever more

Realizations of Eternity, I too am Spirit at the Core

When I listen, I am present, in the NOW, not the after or before.

River Thoughts

Rushing River

River rushing fast and furious

Emotion from a frightened world

Dark pools swirl the spurious

Corners cut and stones hurled.


Another fall of rain and then

I wonder where life will flow

when the bank can no longer bare

the weight of worries, where to go?


Birds fly south and autumn leaves

wave in the wind of change

about to fall into swelling water

Spinning yellow from the inside out.


Questions twist together undefined

Will the trees see another year?

Will we pass the test of time

And overcome the taste of fear?


River rushing out to sea

To the depths of mysterious blue

Tell me if there is a reason

For feeling fury as I do.


A splash, then a wave rolls by

With power pressing indiscrete

Whirling water, wash the world

Sparkling drops make sour sweet.