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White Vs Red

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Winter night was young

In the concert hall I was among

Everyone seated in a row so calm

Awaiting moments were so charm

Slowly the heavenly music surge in

Transporting the mood in full swing

All the poems escaped from my clutch

Hugging all musical notes of bunch


Suddenly bullets started flying

With aggression of war planes prying

It torn fleshes with ghastly vengeance

Making bloody fountain of arrogance

Some lucky breathed the last instantly

While some held as hostages constantly

The unlucky ones lay badly wounded

Facing death in the hour of terror bounded


I was one of the few unhurt physically

In world’s eye I am one of obvious lucky.

True!  I escaped the targeted horrid attack

Yet none of the bullets missed the aim or tact.

They pierced aptly many hearts and souls of

And the so called lucky ones like me thereof

Though wounds are invisible and lacks blood stain

But bleeding profusely gifting an eternal pain


I wonder where we are heading..

Whether we are led or misleading?

Does ‘Red’ of blood so tempting

Or ‘White’, the colour of peace so disgusting?


Seamless evolution from human to beast

Massacre of innocence, the revolution of feast.

Masked human’s hobby in ghostly attire

Outburst of carnage but not a satire.


Each moment we live with fear is not life but death

For psychotic to adorn with bullet wreath.

How long peacemaking slogans survive?

And whom we are waiting for us to drive?


Until we dare to re-wire the system with wisdom

Harmony can’t be reign in life’s kingdom..

Until we remain coward and show tolerance

We will witness more tragedies with intolerance.


© Maaya Dev 2016 Jan






The Untethered Soul


A drop of heavenly honey

absorbed by the warmth of a womb.

The sweetness gets melted by the touch of love.

Ah!  An untethered soul slowly comes into being.


The fragrance of virgin emotion is filled

with a mother’s dream and a father’s pride.

Beautiful sprouting of parenthood’s desire.

The divine soul inhales the breath of their love

and smiles without knowing the unknown.

It grows and awaits with all enthusiasm

to witness the divine surreal union of dusk and dawn

to decipher the various hues of life and its beauty.


Despite, beyond the dominion of all protocols

Lay the role of karma, the tricky play of destiny.

In the itinerary, the identity of soul is lost, frozen!


Unknowingly, I know, I am a bruised bud

who may never bloom with all its beauty.

Yet I would emit the fragrance of purity and

embrace the world with all my cosmic love.


I am a special child, an unresolved puzzle.

For the obvious reasons I would be invited

by faked smiles and myriad question marks

which I may deal with all my innocence

from all the stares coming my way from the world.


Determined, I fought and fled

the dungeon of time to embrace love,

the survival instinct of life.

Neverthless least I understand

what is curse or blessing

nor the ABC of expression or emotions.


But I know for my beloved I am their life and hope

who love and care for me unconditionally

in a least way that you decipher any truism.


I am the special one bestowed with rare blessings.

I struggle to convey with my strange language I know

that one day I will reciprocate as you wish and pray

I will fill your life with love you showered untiringly

as time will resolve the puzzle you live with all the day.


Power of miracle will erase all doubts,

It is my promise I convey so innocently

Through my smiles, I deliver time to time.


© Maaya Dev

Foot notes – The poetic version of one of my prose work prose  (The Untethered Soul)

from ‘The Significant Anthology’.


Pitter patter rain
clattering from the sky
First summer rain pours..

Splashing raindrops kindle joy
What a pretty feast for eyes!

Midst of torrential splutter
The cry of raindrops unheard..
Helplessness goes unnoticed therein.
If, raindrops could hold onto the clouds?

Alas! The forcible burst onto the soil
failed to camouflage the chaos.

My eyes get wet every time
I witness this phenomenon.
The silent teary raindrops
fall on the desert of my heart
lamented by their unseen pain.

In return, they gifted an oasis!
Perhaps, a rare gesture of gratitude!

A smile presumed on my face
A joyful tear I shed in silence
It reflected on the unshed raindrops.

© Maaya Dev

Plight of Mother India

More than half a century has passed.
She silently witnesses chaos amidst life.

Humanity axed, love scarce
Exploitation in, corruption rules
Insanity paves ways for violence
Peace – a luxurious demand
Terrorism the new-found mantra
fake principles of the ruthless.
Youngsters with lost insight
playing with weapons and fire.
Bloodshed gifting an adrenaline rush!

She dies a million deaths daily
Her heart bleeds, pain echoes,
She searches for yet
another Patel, Azad, Bhagat
instilled with sensitivity
who shall fight for justice
with non-violence and unity
to protect her pride and honour.
Her compassionate heart,
earnestly desire for ‘A Womb’,
that makes her feel proud!
Let ‘Utopianism’ be our gift for her

© Maaya Dev


From ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Carrying lantern in the darkest of night

Diffusing swirls of coriolis and vortex

On the way of pulchritudinous soul

The invincible soul speaks of thy glory

Of thousand splendid suns

Of infinite universes

Least knowing the concept of Darwinism or Lamarckism

Ready to write, re-write destiny

Profusely on the sky

As an euphoric playing some jazz’s

rejoicing every inhale-exhale of breath

Ruminating and reflecting the moment’s momentum

The spirit is high on swing

managing all turmoil’s ,tragedies and tantrums

believing in the power of secrets, beyond the secrets

The’ invictus’ warrior make’s a self promise

After ramification upon the majestic sea

Sea that is sycophantic

Bolstering of its own unfathomable depth

But who knows the unquenched thirst

Every drop screams off

Yet every drop lives in compassion

as though if gulping the ecstasy of divinity

And the immaculate soul smirks

To live and to live

, Again and again…

With every breath

                                                           © 2015 by Maaya Dev

The Corridor

If words do heal, if words are prayers

If words are love, if words have powers

Let me stop by the corridor with my pen.

The corridor that binds us beyond the boundaries

Irrespective of colour, caste, creed and nation

where compassion embalm the bruised seamlessly.

Who doesn’t know, pain has same taste and feel?

Yet we live it as much as our heart bears it.

When the fire in the heart is bright and burning

When inner whispers constantly remind us

Nothing can put a stop, as  life has to go on..

Any tragedy marks a new beginning for a better life.

It embraces fresh dreams to build a beautiful life.

The invincible spirit of indomitable will

ready to kiss tomorrow’s sun with enthusiasm

Like how a phoenix rising from ashes to touch sky

believing in the power of hope and life.

With frozen tears we dare to rewrite our destiny

We realise no tremors can quiver our spirit forever.

At the corridor with compassionate heart and prayers

With courage and desire we walk towards renaissance

To live over again with smile on face as if nothing had happened

and whatever happened is bygone or just a nightmare of last night.

© Maaya Dev