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Different Shades !

Oh, so many words

playing in front of me

Let me catch you fast

and make a bouquet

to present as a poem.


Oh, so many colours

dancing in front of me

Let me pick a bit of each tint

to shade a lovely rainbow

for my little princess to swing.


Oh, so many days

passing through my life.

Let me live each moment well

So I can renovate self as season

And gift my beloved a beautiful life.


Oh, so many emotions

Bursting inside as firecrackers

Let me explore, experience, live

As I am unbiased and embraces all emotions

which belongs to me and makes me what I am.


Oh, so many relationship

Heaven bestowed to bless my life

Let me nourish and cherish carefully

To make my life complete before I leave

So I never have to born again to live again.

© Maya Dev