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December A Bumper

Winter, the special guest

Makes December a bumper

Hazy wings of breeze

Welcome snow fairies

Merry go around.

Tress shivered, leaves shed.

Buds hibernated in petals sweater

Birds are silent in tranquil valley.

Frozen rivers turned tantalising stages

for ice skaters to have ballet of season.

Nights are cold but stars are bright

The chilly air sings jingles

For Christmas is on the way

Santa Claus is on its reindeer

Christmas carol heard everywhere.

Chocolate cheese cake is baked

And ready on the dining table

While lying on my cosy couch

I wait, I wait and I miss

the warmth of my beloved

like some hidden sunrays

beneath a winter coat.


© Maaya Dev 2015 Dec


Ding ,dong

ding ,dong

all the bells are ringing ,

la – la – la

la – la – la

all the choirs are singing ,

about hope ,joy and love

coming from heaven above ,

with the candlelights burning

mankind’s ageless yearning ,

lifting all the gloom

in that tiny tiny room ,


Christmas Hymn

Let us weave the wreaths of love
and embellish them with shining stars of amity.
Let us adorn the trees of compassion
and attach in them, the bells of harmony,
sweets of empathy,
baubles of care,
jewels of charity,
garlands of respect,
and trinkets of understanding.
let us bake cakes with cooperation
and season them with joyful intimacy
let us gift each other our affection, support
and true friendship
without discrimination.
Let us bedeck the world with peace
and help it rid of the violence that prevails.
Let us enjoy Christmas, the birth of Christ,
and the rebirth of humanity.

I Should’ve Written Another Poem ,But..

I heard the Queen speaking today ,

oh boy she had words to say ,

her writers had lined up the words

and they made kind of sense ;

I heard some songs today

they all belong to one person

they said all the songs were Carol’s ;

I heard it was someone’s birthday today ,

who was born 2000 years ago ,

most people can’t remember his name

but think he invented the buying of presents

and eating too much ,

but I’m sure that’s not what

his parents had in mind .

Carolling the King


The world is decorated

for the coming of the King.

In mourning white for those who cannot care

or glistening bright for those who know He’s there.

Herald of the season, early morning frost,

bedecks the nakedness of trees,

settles on the lost.

And in the gloss of sunshine,

diamonds drip on passers by,

unwary of the wonder

with presents still to buy.

Yet all creation shouts and sings

carolling the King of kings –

spreading a white carpet

where red ought to be.

A harmony of monochrome

for those with eyes to see.

ascend our thoughts.

Advent will soon be upon us so I’ve got an early Chrismas poem:

ascend our thoughts

Resplendent in glistered frost we unwrap the special day
when all is changed, though still the same,
and mangers, stars and hay
ascend our thoughts.

Nativities have come and gone in varieties of craft –
some creating tear drops,
and some creating laughs
ascend our thoughts.

Discarded wrappings litter paths and cheery homes
and somehow Jesus lays there
while reindeer, elves and gnomes
ascend our thoughts.

The carols fuel our reveries; Silent Nights and First Nowells,
and in semi-Bleak Midwinter
the turkey-roasting smells
ascend our thoughts.

The Christmas gift, if gift it is, costing much yet given free,
meanders in the mistletoe
as mischievous kissery
ascends our thoughts.

Yet, trapped within our wonders, the miracle of birth,
new sounds upon the quietude,
new feet upon the earth
ascend our thoughts.

And Christ has come again, again. In mangers of unworthy hearts,
unwrapped and Holy, bright and new
that love of God, which He imparts,
ascends our thoughts.

Then You came

Then You came

A world apart
angelic touch an occasional visitor
to this plane,
in this theatre
of traumatic dramas.
Life, death, love, fear
take starring roles
in the daily legend that unveils.
Each player exposed
a cacophony of influences
vying for honours and position,
orchestrates the hour, the moment.
Then You came.
Too soon or too late
but on time
in time
beyond time
a touch from beyond
You came.
We listened
(some of the minor players)
but hear different things in the words You say.
The words touch, reveal, heal,
then move on in lives of their own
generation to generation.
Words unclaimed by the trapping claws of death,
speak only life
to half opened ears
clouded tearfilled eyes
and mouths uncleansed by Isaiah’s coals.
To be clay on this wheel
is to be gold
in the forge of heaven.

Sometimes as shepherds

Sometimes as shepherds afraid, grimy,
ashamed of our shabbiness
we approach the manger-cross.

Sometimes as kings, haughty, self-assured
confident of our position
we approach the manger-cross.

Sometimes as shepherds.
And we come,
slowly, and still in fear
nothing to offer, nothing of worth,
to this manger-cross holy place:
set aside in time and space for purpose.
Each forward step
a warming, glowing friendship greets us.
Each step closer to tears,
each broken-hearted step
a step closer to the mending heart of God.

Sometimes as kings.
And we come,
purposeful and determined
gold-incense present-carrying
to this manger-cross holy place:
set aside in time and space for purpose.
Each forward step
a disarming, glowing furnace melts our offering.
Each step closer to fear
each fear inducing step
a step closer to the restoring heart of God.

Sometimes as shepherds,
though mostly as kings,
we come to our places of manger-cross:
in church, at home, at the unexpected moment,
to receive
not the Christmas present
but the ever present Christ.

Incarnate nativity

Incarnate nativity

From bright eternity’s embrace
alpha and omega paced
entombed in nine months dark and pulse
the seed of God implanted.
Within the walls of motherhood
grown from everything of nothingness,
cells inside a fleshy cell
a universe within.

In such darkness this light grows
not to angel choir but hearty throb
muscle, sinew, bone enclothe
this everything from nothingness.

In darkness, pain and stench of beasts,
the child becomes the King of feasts
rich in poverty and poor in riches
and doomed as doom this is
to live, to die, to live again.
Incarnate nativity and reign.