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His Eyes On Me


He sees all,

He knows all,

He sees man kind cast the first stone,

He sees all, He knows all, Its said, “Judge not that ye Be not Judged,”

He sees all,

He knows all,

It’s said, “I am born of God and the evil one can not touche me”,I John 5:18

He is refuge,

He is revealer of all I thank God,

He save me, and spare me of Satan’s grasp,

He sees all, He knows all, and I praise his name,

He even knew what would happen before I,

He’s written a plan for this child,

And no weapon shall form against you He said.

by Feon Davis

Talk To God

 I talk to God today

I talk to God about…

Well, I talk to God about my day

Talk to God about my health

I told him about my emotions

How I love talking to God

Do you talk to God too?

I Talk to God yesterday

I talk to him when, I am ashamed

I talk to God about my goals

I talk to God as I pray

When I talk to God I am in such peace

Talking to God replenishes my spirit

Like a prayer poem from my heart

I talk to God

Yes indeed, talking God is my life

I talk to God when nothing is fulfilling

“I praise God” when I talk to God

I hope you talk to God Today.

    ( by Feon Davis )

    No Waivering of His love

    His love is non waivering

    His love is constant

    His love pure

    His love is non waivering

    His whispers is pertaining

    His glory ministering

    His love is non waivering

    His praise is profound

    His joy is over flowing

    His love is non waivering

    His word is teaching

    His holy spirit fulfilling

    His love is non waivering

    His judgement is just

    His image lives within us

    His plan is not done.

      ( by Feon L Davis )

    “I AM Surviving”

    “I Am Surviving”

    I survived from being born murder, before my birth,
    And He spares me,
    I survived molestation,
    And he comfort my spirit
    I survived rape,
    And he strengthens me.
    I survived verbal abuse by mankind,
    And he was my voice.
    I survived physical pain,
    And he healed me from the inside out.
    I am surviving despite my learning disability,
    And he reminds me, I am in his image.
    I am surviving with stress and depression,
    And in his arms, I am at peace.
    I am surviving this environment,
    And he held me near his bosom.
    I survived the disadvantages,
    And he meant for me to be a TESTIMONY.
    Written by Feon Davis
    © 2007 All Rights Reversed.

    Psalm 119:105