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Cobwebs ( by Russ Crabtree )

Cobwebs made by a spider

So beautiful and artistic

Looks like expensive lace

Not out of place on palace walls or gentry halls;

To think I’ve got lots of them

On the windows outside our house

I see them glimmer and shimmer in the light,

For the day has begun

On my humble dwelling of a weaver’s son,

I do believe it was mother nature

Who taught my parents how to weave,

The threads are seen in every northern textile town

Flowing through them like an expensive quality woven gown;

I’ll rue the day when I have to ask the window cleaner

To wash the cobwebs clean away

Just like the wool and cotton workers they have gone,

It could be a lamenter’s song

Then I laugh with great excitement

Lots of thoughts and happy memories

Going round inside my head

As I look outside my window

I see the spider spin another web.

Ice Cream Mozart (by Russ Crabtree)

It was great to hear the children play

To the sound of the ice cream van’s harmonic tones,

Up and down the street they ran

Excitement built at the sound

Of the painted ice cream van,

Every day it never failed

Mozart sonata in C major

Was the tune it always played,

Wolfgang would not even realise

His music composition

Made the ice cream taste so nice,

When a little girl was introduced

To Mozart’s tune and it produced

An accomplished organist and pianist,

Now how the years have flown

that little girl has grown,

and is now teaching students of her own,

Inspired by that harmonic tone

And her first taste of a

Five pence ice cream cone.

( Russell Crabtree is a member of Writers Assemble,the local community development project of Destiny Poets)