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Enough of Mere Men

If This Is My Last
Enough of Mere Men
Conformists fall for anything,
Driven by others’ opinions like a leaf in the wind,
The world is full of men who just want to blend in,
Men who would sell their voice even if the world’ll come to ruin.
History has its heroes, history has its villains,
History has its record full of men who lived in vain,
Men who cannot think for themselves or play their own part,
Men who would rather walk in shadows than forge their own path.
The future will not be built by men without spine,
The future won’t be built by men who only want to wine and dine,
For history you see, has had its fill of ordinary men;
The future has no place for mere men.
James Ogunjimi
Ogun State, Nigeria
February 2014

Even If Our Blood Is What It’ll Take

If This Is My LastPoem: Even If our blood is what it’ll take

The poor getting poorer, the rich getting richer,

Justice benched on the sidelines,

The lofty dreams of our youths they have marred,

While they live their lives daily with no dime,

But we’ll not quiver or shake,

We’ll reclaim our land even if our blood is what it’ll take.


Death tolls growing daily,

Youths murdered with cut-short destinies,

Dare we hope for a better society?

Dare we dream of a better tomorrow?

Words and pleas will only make our options narrow,

What it’ll take may be a rain of bow and arrows,

For we must take back our land even if our blood is what it’ll take.


We may sit still and watch them complete our dehumanisation,

We can stand with arms folded watching them destroy our nation,

We can look on and watch them sacrifice our lives to attain high positions,

Or we can be resolved to make them shake,

We must be resolved to get justice or make the land quake,

We must get back our land even if our blood is what it’ll take.


James Ogunjimi

Ogun State, Nigeria

February 2014

53 Years From Now

53 Years from Now

Nigerians want change, but they don’t want pain.

Nigerians cry for better lives, but they leave it all for fate.

“E go better, e go better”, is the age old slogan,

53 years from now, we’ll still be singing the same song.


53 years from now, frowns will still crease our brow.

53 years from now, our youths will still get slaughtered like fowl.

53 years from now, our anthem will still be “E go better.”

53 years from now, we’ll still be at the rung of the ladder.


53 years from now, our oil will probably have dried up.

53 years from now, our crops will probably have died off.

53 years from now, our treasury will probably be empty.

53 years from now, we’ll still have to live with impunity.


53 years from now, war may have ravaged our land.

53 years from now, we may have spent ourselves fighting a selfish battle.

53 years from now, we’ll be looking back wishing for what is long gone.

53 years from now, our children may grace our graves with spittle.


We have waited for a messiah for long enough.

We have sat still living life just the way it was.

Nigeria must awake from its slumber,

Or 53 years from now, there’ll be nothing left to remember.


Footnote:-The poem is dedicated to the nation called Nigeria. 53 years and still crawling. 53 years and still strung to Mama’s (the west) apron strings. 53 years and still bedevilled with wrong leaders and cowardly citizens. It is a call to Nigerians to awake and not wait for another 53 years to act.


So comforting these trees around
Their energy poured about
To hug them as the need to ground
Or calm and still my shout

Their presence is a blessing
Amongst the noisy din
Our thoughts always pressing
Absorbed through their darkened skin

I am glad they watch the play
Remaining still and firmly rooted
Though wind may make them sway
Staving off what we’ve polluted

Being part of nature’s beauty
A treasure to protect
They are on the earth’s watch duty
To help us to perfect

By reaching higher and beyond to see
Things from another view
Can we be graceful as a tree
Standing in peace with me and you?

River Thoughts

Rushing River

River rushing fast and furious

Emotion from a frightened world

Dark pools swirl the spurious

Corners cut and stones hurled.


Another fall of rain and then

I wonder where life will flow

when the bank can no longer bare

the weight of worries, where to go?


Birds fly south and autumn leaves

wave in the wind of change

about to fall into swelling water

Spinning yellow from the inside out.


Questions twist together undefined

Will the trees see another year?

Will we pass the test of time

And overcome the taste of fear?


River rushing out to sea

To the depths of mysterious blue

Tell me if there is a reason

For feeling fury as I do.


A splash, then a wave rolls by

With power pressing indiscrete

Whirling water, wash the world

Sparkling drops make sour sweet.