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Brittle Bones

She was excessively cute
A doll of two
More cute than barbie
Her tilted eyes
Pierced my heart
Her dis balanced smile
Shook my nerves
She laughed in stammer
That made me terrible
I couldn’t resist touching her
With my blessings
And I did
What followed
Broke my heart into pieces
She cried and cried so bad
As if in extreme pain
Seemed like the pain
Her mother would have faced
On her birth
I was lost
Didn’t know what happened
Her mother came running
Tears into her eyes
She was just looking at her
And crying with her
Same sound same pain
Please don’t touch her
Please don’t touch her
Her mother shouted madly
Please don’t touch her
In my excitement of her cuteness
I missed the little paper notice on her little frock
It said
“Please don’t touch her
Her bones are brittle”
I felt as if the bone of my life
Had cracked
I didn’t know
How to cry on this
I was fractured within
Will my Lord!
Ever forgive me for this sin