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1066..(And All That)

Norman Footsloggers wading ashore
your boots brine-stained
your fears lost in the roar;
You’ve seen the Saxon high upon
the cliffs gazing down at
strangers in this strange land,
Norman Footsloggers malevolent
flotsam on deadlier sand;
Norman oaths shall carry this day,
it’s spillage of blood will verify
Duke William’s claim,
sanctify his deeds,
then a new history,
his story
will record the glory
and mark your graves
with a Norman Cross;
Norman Footsloggers aim your crossbows
like your serjeants taught you,
aim high at the Saxon and
though few of you’ll ever know it,
your Duke’s hybrid-speech
will become revered,
his codefied injustice
will be a model of Law
and the accounts books
of his army’s looting and theft
will sit alongside leatherbound
Histories of Rome on library shelves;
Norman Footsloggers wading ashore,
your boots brine-stained
and your fears lost in the roar.

An Ordinary Life:The Queen Mother

Not by majesty imposed
nor by birth decreed
but by love made discreet;
the helping hand
the gentle demeanour
and part of those led,
rich beyond measure
yet sharing the ordinary everyday
of those who sought and found
to some degree
an unassuming kindness,
an empathy without affectation
not to be found in trumpeted fanfares
nor in garlanded parades
but in a heart
graced by a shared virtue
and sustaining belief,
therein the sufficiency
of a purpose fulfilled
of a life well led
that touched and was part of the ordinary.

(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right under the Copyright,Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work)