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I am a wraith

Fanning away at your bedewed forehead

A gentle breeze in a window less room



I am a fluttering heart beat

A flitting thought

A joyous song


I am a mist

Rising and falling

With each breath
Living in utterances
losing myself in silences
I am a shadow

Melting happily into contours
I fall as tears from adoring eyes

And dart back quickly

To snuggle between supple lips

Bristling Love

I can’t seem to get her out of my brain,

I don’t want to, even if I can,

I feel like I’m darkened out with my thoughts,

With all the thoughts I have for her,

Will it be alright?

I wonder!

Wedged between dream and real world,

I love her,

I shall love her,

Caught in fear of losing,

I don’t speak my love to her …