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Being Complete

 A part of me often goes back to those girlie days 
 When I defined life a little differently
 Truth changes its colour when I relive 
 those nebulous moments in the wake of clarity
 That’s when my blurry vision reveals power...
 The power of thoughts to distain distant reality.
 I was an ordinary girl living around mundane events
 Perhaps born to procreate, do purposeless chores
 And die on a day realizing that I was indeed alive
 That’s when world would celebrate the true meaning 
 of womanhood caged by my body; defined by power...
 The power of a man sketched by his desires.
 I am a woman born a million times, from extinction
 My story is not for sale, with spice and violence 
 I am the reverberation from history’s silence
 Reborn on fiery spring days, hewing legacy with no ideals
 While the cosmos fills me with power...
 The power of the creator to Be Complete.