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The Power of Vulnerability

You have a flair for masks,
And the stereotypes
Nerd, Geek, tri athlete
Dude, chic, the hot one
Hopper of pubs, marathons and clubs
Rally, hog, Globe trotter, philosopher
The plethora of labels
Flashing all over

And that chord which pulled me
Towards you
Keeps stretching afar
Under the weight of all these tags
Almost at the edge of tearing,
SO much swag bearing,

Through all these blemishes,
I keep wiping that mirror
Which pulled us together
And showed us each other
Now I keep searching
You, the very you
The ordinary one,
Like me,
With no casts
But pure and true
Clear, at ease, as is

I yearn for that ordinariness
Simple, flowing
That mirror which showed
Your soul to mine

Now unwrap, undress
Show me some flaws
To let me get attracted
Not out of sympathy
But for your power
Power of vulnerability
And if you smile along
Then I love you more
Through you