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Love Cajoling at Vrindavan


Bank of Yamuna, spring eternally embellished.

Lover’s dais an adorned amulet frothing in love

Love notes playing on perfumed petals of lute.

Horizon blushed in hush seeing the charisma

Dusk with vermillion pride hanging on the west.


Moon savour Yamuna’s dancing waves of joy

Night stood metamorphosed like a dream.

Green wood tranquil, tamed leaves non fluttering

Humble breeze unfold magic mantra in hour’s spirit.

Heaven perched upon Vrindavan as a bough

And the habitants’ left in spell bound.


Vrindavan yielded to Lord Krishna’s fervid Leelas.

His footprints kiss sands and imprints sing keertan for him.

His pranks on Gopis, moments of supreme celebration

Such fiesta they foster as caprice and love to indulge more

Unconditional love of Gopis an undisputed renowned truth.


Radha , the true love and shadow of Krishna

Love stricken ethereal beauty of Vrindavan

Often hides her presence playfully in the bushes

To invite Krishna’s blissful apparitions to get lost

in his sudden embarrassing embrace of love.

She forgets self in those elated soulful moments.


When her soft fingers touch His peacock feather

There is rainbow harvest on the bluish sky.

When Krishna caress her tresses romantically

Her anklets and bangles giggles in ecstasy.

When Radha’s honeyed lips kiss His Murali

Shivarangini Raaga flows as Ganga everywhere.


Whole Vrindavan exhale their love saga

There is a melody in the mesmerising love.

Glory of Radha and Krishna touch the sky.

It chimes on the clouds and reach Devalog.


Away from all crowds, simple and divine lass Tulsi

Surrender in devotion as garland for Krishna

To remain on Krishna’s chest as Srivatsa forever!


© Maaya Dev 2015 Dec


Foot Notes

Vrindavan : A Hindu pilgrimage site, especially in referenced to Lord Krishna

Gopi _A sanskrit word meaning ‘cow-herd girl’. Having unconditional love for Lord krishna

Leelas – A sanskrit word which means play

Keertan – Devotional hymn

Devlog – Heaven

Murali – Flute which is Lord Krishna’s favourite instrument.

Tulsi : Basil leaf which is  considered as a sacred plant.

Srivatsa  –  It is a mark on the chest of Lord Vishnu where his consort Sri Lakshmi resides.

( Krishna is considered as the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu)

An Ode to Keralam

Beneath southern sky an emerald shimmers

A tiny trinket jingles on earth from God’s crown.

Nature condensed heaven in a speck of land.

Keralam- God’s very own country

Perfectly nestled between powerful knights

At east, lush Western Ghats mountains

At west, pretty guardian angel Arabian Sea

Amidst, Keralam lay soulfully in nature’s cradle.


She is picturesque; a soliloquy spells magic in its milieu

In the green paddy fields folklores chuckles and sings

Zephyr carries seductive mud smell of uncouth farmers.

Moody monsoon shrugs and welcome flamboyant sunshine for Onam,

The Crème de le cream, the harvest festival of extravaganza.

It immerses in mythological essence and uplifts seasonal mood.


Exotic wild lives and bird sanctuaries dwelling in duskiness

A tempting fad of desired indulgence happening in serene solitude..

In the mould of turrets rich plantations nourish and flourish.

High ranges – an overwhelming glimpse in the misty background.

These panoramas and aristocracy blush in the locale as bliss

Or rather a true poetic musing and chivalry of the rustic place.


Tantalizing golden beaches and long coastline depict portrait

where fishing on tamed and wild waves a delightful sight.

Sensuous curvatures of rivers write lyrics on shorelines.

Sparkling lakes showcase glamour on its pristine water.

Spectral lagoons woo millions to its isle where twilight rests.


The gorgeous backwaters stretch tranquility on velvet banks

‘Kettuvallams’ reign and ferry tourists on silken curls of waves

Venice of east – the royal host treats guests on its slender lap.

Coconut flavoured cuisines melting on taste palettes wanting more.

Tourists devour the serenity in retrospect and steal a bit of it.


Beautiful temples and colourful festivals inscribe ornamental charm

Rich culture, traditions, ethnicity are ethos of the southern soil.

‘Kathakali, Kalaripayattu,Vallam kali, Trichur Pooram, Ayurveda’

Mirrors true heritage and pronounce rich legacy of Keralam.


Keralite’s nostalgia is etched and enlivens as everlasting phenomenon.

Wherever they go they bear a piece of Keralam within their heart.

An epilogue they flaunt it on their sleeves so dotingly and proudly.


© Maaya Dev


Footnotes: –

Kathakali- Ancient classical dance drama form

Kalaripayattu – Ancient martial art form

Vallamkali – Traditional boat race using Snake Boat

Thrissur Pooram- Famous Temple festival of Kerala

Alappuzha ( Allappey) dist of Keralam known as Venice of east is a hot backwater tourist spot.

(Being a Keralite I proudly present this ekphrastic poem about Kerala for all poetry lovers. I tried my best to portray its beauty, richness , ethnicity and culture. Hope you would enjoy this piece of work and share your sincere opinions)


Blessing and Curse

Calling from old home
Said the voice that side
Your father is serious
Needs urgent treatment
Old home cannot afford the treatment
You need to contribute
I don’t bother
Said the voice this side
Next day the phone rang again
Your husband is serious
He met with an accident
Both his kidneys are damaged
You need to look for a donor
She rushed to the hospital
Finds that some old man from some old home
Died that morning
Leaving behind his kidney
For someone needy
Doctor said the kidney matched perfectly
Is Giving really a matter of abundance?
Or is it a matter of blessing
Some people are blessed with a giving heart
Others are cursed with a closed mind
Upbringing is defeated
When someone is truly cursed
May all be blessed
May no one be cursed

A beauty falls for a beast
A priest falls for a whore
Is the almighty cursing the blessed
Or is it that
The cursed is being blessed
Both are lives and both are lived
Why indulge in the difference
Blessing Vs Curse
May the curse be cursed
May we be blessed!
May we be blessed!
In whatever way we are cursed
May we be blessed still
The world needs to be blessed
The world needs fatherly blessings
For the almighty God to exist

Love Of My Love…

No recess forms in the smile of my love

that shades the shadow of your sheer light.

I clasp your breath to flame the inner glow

that torches the dimness of unfamiliar sparks.

I remain unblinking in my sleep as a dream

stealing darkness from your night as I stroll.

In the valley as I glide, I crave for the canopy

of your undisturbed vista to cease my crazy anguish.

The creases of my heart chimes with echoes of your glance.

The joy sings in symphony and vibrates in timeless ripples.

The smell of your soul I love that purges the plethora of my desires.

As dew burns and snow melts, so it quenches my thirsty soul..!

© Maaya Dev


She was so cute
But different
So engrossed in herself
She had nothing to do with the world around
How happily she lived
In the dark small cell
Of an asylum
Till one day, she was sentenced to freedom
And forced to live in the asylum outside
Surrounded by crazy, mindless idiots
Cursed she was
Cursed with beauty
Beauty as transparent
As a dazzling glass
As subtle as a soap bubble
She floated weightlessly in the air of freshness
Carrying a brilliance of colours within
Her beauty was not transparent enough
As could pass the thin skin
And touch the souls
At least for a cur
How could she be safe
In the end her innocence
Was carried away
In a flow of virgin blood
She was lucky enough
Not to know
What she was going through
She would get up with the same brilliance
Of million suns on her face
And leave behind the Devils
Moistened with wet shame
Nothing to do with the world around
She still lived happily
In this open and vast asylum
I wish her touch could change
The animals into humans