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Jutland :1916

Gray dark ,darkling gray
sky and sea both winding sheets
for the long departed ;
Nature’s coincidence calibrated
longitude and latitude lapsed
into the fury and the sound and
the sounding fury of foreboding fate
to drown,drown and never to escape ;
Coal-shovelled ,steam-belched,pistoning
leviathans ,steel-plated icons of
Empires ranging and roaring where
Vikings once navigated by sunstone ;
No Valkyrie rescue of warriors slain
when Harrison’s chronometer pinpointed
parameters for steel-trimmed corteges
might and wrath bristling ,danced their
predestined Pavane amid the
flashing flames of glory ;
Oratorios of brilliant ordnance
breaching invincible carapaces ;
Marble memorials may recount the fallen ,
historians’erudite treatises the facts ;
On the last day in May ,
Europe’s pride and manhood bled
though without knowing it ,
into the void their Empires were shed .

Footnote :- 31st.May 1916 ,the forces of Albion under Jellicoe lost 8 destroyers,3 battle-cruisers,3 cruisers with 6,100 lives.Von Scheer’s Hohenzollern hosts , lost 4 light-cruisers,3 destroyers ,1 battle-cruiser,1 battleship with 2,550 lives.