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Sometimes I Think

Sometimes I think

What do I value more?

Your lust for me

Or my love for me

If my dreams are mine

Shouldn’t they be about me?

Sometimes I think

What do I value more?

Your desires for me

Or my wishes for me

If my desires are mine

Why do I give up mine

For the sake of you

Your image of me

Or the real me

My prayers for me

Or my feelings for you

Whenever I pray

Why does my world

Gets reduced to you

Sometime I think

What do I value more

My faith in you

Or the man in you

Skirt In Dirt

Dirty eyes around her

Played with her torn skirt

While she played with dirt

She did play with dirt

But she didn’t know

What it meant to play

With dirt

Till she actually

Was forced to be the

Dirt to play with

She lived

A death inside

And how that mattered

To the world outside

The world needed

Her skin

Not the soul within

And now something

Inside her says

Time for another skirt

Another round of dirt

And she asks herself

Should I??