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I am alive like many

I confess often, I am blessed naively

I love to believe all is well within my life

Yet a part of me don’t belong to me fully

It longs for something I am not blessed with

I float on unfulfilled desires and dreams all the while

As if my life is on a constant rollercoaster of myriad questions.


I am alive like many

I state always I am a content human being

The superficial statement is anchored in lie

The tread of my life I am forced to cling on.

Yet a part of me is dissatisfied and looks for more

A sense of guilt pricks my conscience for wanting more

A constant comparison with many is weighing down the worth.


Am I truly alive like many?

For the first time I look into my life deeply

It looks plain and very much mundane, I realised

I am almost certain I am just breathing but not living

A part of me is very much human but lacks vigour of life

Life replay on its loop displaying same scenes in the memory lane

It yearns for right answer to put an end to many unanswered queries.


At the end, I solved the puzzle convincingly.

When my vision notices beauty around and appreciate it

When the bestowed blessings are appreciate with a pure heart

When the heart fills with love and compassion and flows to reach people

When I do things with upmost dedication without bothering the result

When I see the worth in self and try to improvise where it needs attention

That’s only when I shall honestly confess that I live life happily and contently.


 © Maaya Dev