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An Arcade Fire Song (circa 2010)

Torture Song

We waited up for you
to come home from work that day ,
that day the markets crashed
and we knew you were busy ,
busy working working in your office
in that tall steel tower ;

On that day the markets crashed
we never saw you
or heard from you again ,
all that we knew was Mom went into town
and helped identify your remains ,
and when she came home
we packed all our bags and drove off
to her parents’ in Vermont ;

We’re so much happier now
now that the tall steel towers are shut
and that you are gone ,
you lied and you cheated ,
they lied and they cheated ,
you stole other people’s money
they stole other peoples’ money
and that’s no longer funny now
now that we know .


If you see Freedom,

Tell him to check himself into the nearest police station.

The world has been eagerly waiting for him to come;

For he’s the eternal longing of all nations.


Someone called to say they saw him,

Giving people jobs, then taxing them to death.

Ripping them off bit by bit till nothing was left;

I said ‘twas not Freedom; ‘twas his evil twin.


Another said he saw Freedom,

In Libyan skies dropping from NATO bombs,

But few years after buying the democracy America sold;

There’s hardship in the land for young and old.


In 2011, some said they saw Freedom in Nigeria,

Hoisting party flags with promises of a new era,

But today he’s dancing in Kano and campaigning in Nigerian slums;

Saying he doesn’t give a damn if Baga burns.


I was told Freedom visited South Africa,

Ended apartheid and freed Mandela,

Years after, apartheid is gone, but Freedom does not ring;

They say it’s because we are still tied to the West’s apron string.


Someone in Washington said he saw Freedom,

Giving orders and taking the world for a ride.

He said ‘twas he; I said ‘twas not;

And when I looked, ‘twas his look alike.