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Confession of a Monk

A monk is lying on his death bed.

His transient moments filled with a last wish.

Before life bid adieu he wished to have a confession.

A confession of being a monk!


You called me – ‘a monk, a sage, a saint’.

But I have hiccup an utter guilt

An abhorrence of these nouns as taunt

With chocking breaths impatiently I am waiting for my last.


A sudden ignition of erudite vision broke the fortress

Erasing all notions between a monk and a human being

On nomadic trajectory wore and worn out attire

Peeling illusions one by one from wrinkled skin.


New found wisdom defines human being

Glorifying Free-Will in a nut shell


Even the Almighty never put any hamstring

to thy swirl of myriad temptations.

Lustrous human desires never spared

for the monk in me often consumed

the so called sins shielding as excuses.


Deep down in burdened silence going on

arguments and counter arguments

resulting in paralysis of analysis.

I fled and shun the ironical echoes.


Mask of saint plunged

When all preaching failed

The lie I was living buried alive.

From the grave it mocked back like a ghost.

For I am back to square one with the stark truth..


Today I am laughing and telling the story as a layman

Whilst discarding all bifurcation of zenith and nadir.

The realisation liberated me with an ultimate truth

And I remain on my death bed with shallow breathes.


As quanta parallels the dualism

Oh desires! To live, have the doping of foul play!


“Let me die as human being and not a monk” !


The candid confession of a dying monk

escaped the cage of mortality

when he breathed his last..


© Maaya Dev