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A Town Lying in State (Rebooted as A Mexican Interlude 24/10/2019)

its labyrinthine streets
shrouded in cordite
machine-gunned bodies
drape over the fountain,
their sangre lending
a certain hyperbole
to an otherwise
lacklustre afternoon;
The guns’ kinetic burlesque
unrehearsed and inevitable,
exhausted their lives
of possibility;
leaving them mime artists
now without animation,
residue of others’
ulterior motives,
counters spent in
an inexplicable game
where primeval forces
rigorously determine
the fate of unfortunates
and the market price
of certain goods.

(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right under the Copyright,Designs&Patents Act 1998 to be identified as the author of this work)

Your Last Peso

When your last peso has gone
the cantina will no longer welcome you,
when your last peso has gone
your hunger will return,
when your last peso has gone
your child will fall ill,
when your last peso has gone
your car will not start,
when your last peso has gone
the politician will no longer listen to you,
when your last peso has gone
the priest will no longer care for your soul,
when your last peso has gone
there will be no woman to comfort you,
when your last peso has gone
the only welcome you will receive
will be that of the pauper’s grave
and its disinterested embrace,

when your last peso has gone…

( one of my early performance pieces circa July 1999)

Statue ( Rebooted as The Statue 18 June 2018 )

The city of Concepcion,

its physical parameters circum-

scribed by conjectural development,

its identity arrived at through

an intricate labyrinth of

historically determined steps;

At its heart the dominant

Plaza of the Conquistadors

abutted by an inspiring

Madre de Dios Cathedral,

lending a certain gravitas to

an otherwise lacklustre civic space;

And in the Plaza’s geometric centre,

a benignly neglected equestrian

statue of Concepcion’s Founder,

the breastplated and intensely proud

The Duke Juan Aguila-Alvarez;

the barely legible inscription

at the base of ” A.D.1543 ”

obscured by an injudicious

accretion of plentiful guano

nourishing for agrarian soil,

but not for civic masonry.

Inconsequential ( rebooted 29 May 2018 )

Of all the city’s streets
there is one
the name of which
I cannot now recall,
the street where I encountered
that languid mulatta beauty,
her cornflower dress
the emblem of summer;
the taste of her,
the taste of wine
spices and licorice:
hidden amongst life’s ephemera
is a humid verandah evening
lit by a glimmering radio dial,
its lyrical stream wrapping
the cloying air with
a faded era and style,
of Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles
to which I swayed and lost myself
with her in the taste of wine,
spices and licorice,
and in the morning
I was found
on that street
the name of which
I never knew

The Deserted City ( Re-booted as ” Deserted City ” 10 August 2018 )

Mythic streets evaporate at dawn,

leaving only complacent memory

to recall imperfectly those scraps

and oddities of ephemera that

defy rational explanation;

a pristine franked letter posted

in Huddersfield 1841;several ornate

glass marbles that were a birthday

present to some Rhineland princeling;

the signature of Thomas Alva Edison

on a page awkwardly torn from a

Hotel register omitting its name,

the building itself demolished long ago;

a skeletal frame of a Penny Farthing

half buried amid the inconsequential

detritus of the communal refuse tip;

a yellowing poster of a once well known

brand of cough syrup,the discernible lines

of a now defunct city tram route;

And somewhere,the presence of an

inveterate aesthete and poet of civic

renown struggling to evoke a nostalgia

amongst those who had not read Borges

nor knew of his blindness.