Poet: Ahmed Faraz; English Translation: Faraz Jamil Kakar

‘‘O Poet’’, said my heart to me again and again

‘‘You… that carve sculptures with your words…

Paint the picture of that charming Beauty

Who fills the emptiness of your thoughts

With colors of all kinds’’

Often I heard this voice (of my heart) and wished

To accept and obey it

But then the magic of my art surrendered

For who can paint softness of the moonlight

Editorial Footnote ( for the benefit of the general reader )
Ahmed Faraz was a Pakistani Urdu poet. He was acclaimed as one of the best modern Urdu poets of the last century. ‘Faraz’ is his pen name,. He died in Islamabad on 25 August 2008. Wikipedia
Born: January 12, 1931, Kohat, Pakistan
Died: August 25, 2008, Islamabad, Pakistan

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About farazjamilkakar

Faraz Jamil Kakar is from Pishin, a small town in Pakistan near the Afghan border. He translates Pashto poetry into English in his free time and has translated some work of famous Pashto poets such as Ghani Khan, Bahauddin Majroh and Bari Jahani. He believes that the literary work of such great scholars is the best intellectual resource that can challenge and counter the ideological roots of the menace of religious extremism, racism, tribalism, casteism, nationalism, patriotism and religionism in this region. His interest in poetic work of great poets like Ghani Khan and Bahauddin Majrooh lies in the fact that their work symbolise and carry forward the centuries old tradition of mystic poetry in the Pashtun society. Faraz Jamil Kakar is reachable at:

3 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Vineetha

    A beautiful poem. I think the translation must be excellent too as there is a lyrical dreamy mood to this poem.


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