Subversive Survival

Wild things we are , will you ever understand
You who look for that we would not give instead ?
Goat-footed grass-laughing grown antlers
Drunk opiated we the sadness battlers
Where supple apples crunch under white teeth
And flash of blade in flesh is instant death
Fresh blood that flows from veins in ways
That speak to swords in words of grace
Dried leaves where dryads tread and crunch
And nymphs for whom the ferns are grunge
We Forest Folk who find ways to survive
When you the cultured would not let us live ?
We have our ways to dodge your bombs and guns
We the inheritors of Leda , the wild swans
Amongst the fells the heather the old wells
We draw our circles green and white, and wheels
Slowly we too have learnt to deal with curses
For Nature is quite naturally subversive

4 thoughts on “Subversive Survival

  1. Madhumathy

    A profound poems full of mythological allusions which makes us think twice before destroying Nature.

    1. Amita Paul

      Thank you so much , Madhumathy.
      I am satisfied that the true purport of the poem could be conveyed so well to a sensitive poetic mind like yours .

    1. Amita Paul

      Thank you so much , Vijay Nair .
      I have tried to employ the poetic device of half – rhyme throughout this poem .
      Half rhyme or slant rhyme has long been employed in English poetry but became famous when popularised by Wilfred Owen , Emily Dickinson , Gerald Manley Hopkins and a few more recent poets .


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