To the desires of the skies, I do submit

To these, I do show obedience

For, what am I, if not a mere particle

Having sprung from their power

Yes, the same power strung with subtlety

All the way through

The same power aiming solely to test us

To decide if we do deserve forgiveness

Or if we should be loaded with more punishment!


Pray, towards my own self, comes my rightful duty

Towards my own kin, comes my filial duty

But towards the skies, comes my foremost duty

Yes, in front of these, I do bend, hold out my palms

Ready to accept instructions and to adhere, even if

I shall be deemed as being different from the rest!


Why, connected am I to these skies,

With my essence emanating from their splendor

And my whole microcosm being made as their replica

In miniature!

Pray, life on Earth pricks me, so much

That ready am I to do anything which would allow me

A glimpse of the stairs leading up the skies’ gates!


Pray, feel you not the mysticism surrounding us all

Feel you not it, feel you not how it invades us all

Why, I shall let it guide me

To act as per the skies’ wishes

So that, someday, when the veil of ignorance shall be lifted

From my blinded gaze

I shall be fully confident

To be rewarded

For having acted accordingly!

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