Submerged in the fantasy

If I had the heart of a lioness

I would have fought my way through life

And would have killed


Just to allow me to sustain myself

And to keep on walking!


If I had the heart of a bird

I would have shattered my chains

And I would have allowed myself

To roam, free and carefree

Over seas and lands


Vulnerable to my new found freedom

I would succumb to it

And disintegrate into it!


If I had the heart of a fawn

I would have walked my way through life


Always expecting love from those I meet

Always expecting to be treated well

And never even dreaming

Of meeting with danger!


If I had the heart of a shark

I would have hesitated not to stride at high speed

To kill and destroy

To think of myself as one so mighty

That when faced with life

Life itself becomes as frail as shattered glass


I would have ventured into every nook and crook

Of Earth

Knowing that the rest of the world

Fears me!


But then, I can help not to smile

I have the heart of a maiden

One so frail and so prone to the whims of life

I have the heart of a child

One so needy

One who sees life as being so scary


At the same time

One who sees life as being made of beauty

Yes, both the maiden and the child inhabiting me

Relish the soothing tunes of the violin

Tucked warm,

They both close their eyes

Giggle stealthily

And make it a must

To build their dream world

One in which they have the hearts of

Lionesses, birds, fawns, sharks

And of course,


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