Let us jump into the sparkling waters
Swim against the tide,
Of all those knots and welts.
Of those bruises, those scars
The clatter and wreck of a world gone awry
Sparkle in pristine glory
And create a new story.

It is cold, did you say?
Oh, perish the thought
Soft, soft let us fall on the waves
On this December day
And be swept away
To a new world – free, uncluttered, happy and gay.

May be ‘if we make it through December, we’ll be fine’.
And like the owl and the pussy cat, will merrily dine
On mince and slices of quince.
Unbothered about a world gone awry
And sparkle in pristine glory
And create a new story.

Come on, quick, let us step down from our horses high
Sans everything.
Delve into those hidden springs of courage
Outraged at the world’s wrongs
And sing new songs, new rhymes
Of beauty in a pristine clime.

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