Story of The Night.

The sun slithers behind the horizon
Dimming the light the night arrives .
In this darkness she raises her head
Robed luridly, her hood she spreads

Brandishing seductive glances ,
Swashes spreading her trance .
Veiling her rancor, forges smile.
Predicaments, so what , turn her vile .

Driven by perpetuating plight
Trades her days with the night.
Willingly places her self on pyre
To become the vestige of carnal desire

Of saints in respected raiment
Profoundly proud of their payments.
Their life, veritably , bereft of flavour
Feign to bestow upon her a favour.

Shrieks her soul, in colossal pain ,
Consensually ravaged for meager gain.
Yet she solely pays the price.
For her sun sets with every sunrise
Primordial patriarchy leaves him untarnished
By blinded milieu she is vehemently banished.

@ Bilquis Fatima

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