Stay With Me Tonight


Stay with me tonight.

For the stars are dazzling  bright

And the moon is in its loony height,

Stay with me,

for there is a blinding light.

My heart beats in a way strange

Throbbing hard to break loose.

For it is not the dark I fear

But it is the light  that shears.

hiding the dark within its folds.

As not  acclimatized  to un reined  joy  

I fear I may stumble  and drown

in the music of the night,

that  tugs at the  ascetic core.

Arousing a tempest  under my skin

Wavering my thoughts to overflow all limits.

With the cool wind playing through my locks,

wafting  musk tickling sensuous  senses,

the  heart, accustomed to fraught silence,

and mind, tamed to   respect  boundaries,

threaten to betray, to taste this life,

to get swept in the ephemeral ecstasy,

burying the conscience under piles of allures.

It is then that  exhilarated senses tend to slide,

sinking  in the delusion and grandiose  all around,

giving the devil reasons to smile,

tempted to taste the forbidden.

O faith don’t leave my side,

Tonight and every night.

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