Spun Warp

So what if I spend my time twirling in a made up world

Creating scenarios acted out by my own moody whims?

So what if I stare out of the window

And see, instead of a blank wall,

A lush garden, in which fairies and elves laugh and sup?

So what if I pretend my heart is a violin

Which keeps playing tunes in ode to the dark melancholy of life?

So what if I look in the mirror

Merely to say to myself that the body which I can see

Is not the real me?

So what if I toss and turn in my bed each night

Yearning to be made of magic so as to be able

To touch a star and shatter the mystery that makes up

The whole of Earthly existence?


Pray, does it matter, in the very end

Does it matter if things are the way they are

And people are as they are?

Does it matter and shall it ever?


Why, if life is itself a mere foundation laid on theories

Pray, who am I to question the many shades of my own being?

So what if I choose to abide to my own choices

To make of my life a passage worth living?

So what if I tend to walk according to my own tempo

And affirm my genuineness?


Pray, would life not have been fairer if

Like me, the rest of humankind

Did see fit to close their eyes, open their arms wide

And smile up at the source of everything,

Totally lost in submission to simply

Being, as they have been made to be!

2 thoughts on “Spun Warp

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A thoroughly delightful and engaging work.

    Editorial Note:-
    I feel that the poem’s overall strength and impact would have been enhanced by the omission of the final verse which doesn’t seem to add anything to the poem.


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