Spring Quintet

“I have from you been absent in the Soring”

Spring Quintet – April 2020




Come to the Master

Or wander , waste , wither

Flick of the wrist
Twist of the tongue


A brushstroke here
A dab there
It’s done

You labour
Like Ovid ‘s mountain
And birth a mouse

You strain
From hardbound brain
Six lines a year
The rest
Is tosh

If someone binds it in gold
Dust doesn’t become a Rose

Though my roses turn to dust tomorrow
Today it’s a wildflower bouquet
With jonquil fragrance
And wild rose

Neither coldness nor burning envy
Sharing is different
Skin warm
Pearl on warm skin

Ephemeral , all

Soon breaks
Time’s string

Pearls scattered
Lives wasted

( ASA )




Did the hurt hurt you
As you hurt others ?
Is that the reason
For the coldness
On the edge ?
But you always were
Angel , Devil
Ice , Fire
Divine , Evil

As are we all


Life’s a brief candle

We all die
In the end

But perhaps

Your knived
Died sooner

That is something
That is much
That’s your story

Judge not
For thou shalt be

Living hell
Blue sea and daffodil hills

( ASA )




From where
Does that hard cold core come
Which defines you ?
Yes I can be cruel
Even deliberately , knowingly ,
In calculated words
But that is when I am blazingly angry
When my space is violated
When people act unknowing of their own privilege
Blindly bigoted
Blasè with entitlement
Make commandlike requests
Barge poke probe stare
Are insensitive
Are cruel
I lash out
I do not nurse grudges
I block people
I throw them out
I do not sneer
I fight a clean fight
You can see me fighting
See my weapons
See my cause
On my escutcheon
My heart
On my sleeve
I am not duplicitous
I am not tactful
I don’t mull poison
I don’t brew hatred
I don’t breed gall
Wert thou my enemy , O my dear friend ,
What wouldst thou worse ?

My anger is temporary
Your coldness is permanent

The waste hurts

For in the end
We all die

( ASA )




Good that I have armour
Which is flexible
Perhaps scaly
As a pangolin’s skin
Perhaps shiny
And repulsive
Good that I grew it
Good that I fight
Good that you can’t hurt me
And even if you do
You cannot kill me
Good , good
Eat ants obviously
Little pesky biters
And stingers
Dart Whoosh

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )




Is that my voice ?
I am not as honest courageous or skilful
I cut corners
I challenge you though
And you avoid me
Dodging freezing
For ice cold poison
And a hopeless void
Why ?
We all long
For the light
We all long
For darkness

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

2 thoughts on “Spring Quintet

  1. Amita Paul

    “ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    Jeremiah 29: 11 ( NIV )

    Thank you for finding the correct ( and vivid ) adjective for characterising the Spring Quintet

    Happy Easter !


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