Sounds, What Doeth He Hear?

Eternal Fathers’ touch is everywhere, for all to hear
Each new sound,
A baby’s first breath, a cry
as his soul leaves Gods’ bossomed love
begins anew, here upon this earth.

Christ, Our Saviour, walked the paths He knew
following His Father’s plan, rescuing mans’ soul.
Blessing us, through Gods’ Pure Love
Encouraging new life, new breath
New birth.

Christ’s sounds, He hears rejoices in His heart
at sounds of God”s loved, blessed childrens’ hearts
Singing praises to God above.
Thanking Christ, Our Redeemer
Our Saviour of Mankind
For repenting of our sins
So we return, eternally
Through Christs’ redeeming love.

(c) Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013.

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