Songs We Sing

There are songs that we sing

Full throated

A popular ditty

Oft heard in chorus

We sing along with the world

Prelude music in place

Breathing pauses perfected

And then there are songs that try to sing to us

In pregnant silences

In their whispers

Barely audible

The mellifluous strains cascade in the breezes

And we impervious souls seldom get the drift

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About Vands

Vandana Kumar is a bon vivant who loves travelling, working with young minds and exploring creative possibilities beyond the ordinary. She has done her masters in History from ‘Lady Shri Ram College’ – ‘University of Delhi’ and her Diplôme from the ‘Alliance Française de Delhi’. She is a middle school teacher and also translates for various publishing houses and corporates. An active member of various quiz clubs across Delhi. She has a soft corner for Calcutta where she spent her childhood. Her various passions include singing, playing the piano, composing music and participating in local music competitions. She describes herself as a dreamer…a wanderer and a certified incurable romantic…the romantic moorings worsened with all her fancy French studies. She contributes poems regularly to online magazines and has been published in a couple of anthologies. Poetry for her is her stress buster – her flight of fancy – and strangely – what keeps her rooted too.

5 thoughts on “Songs We Sing

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A delightfully engaging and intriguing piece with an ineluctably well honed hook ,” And then there are songs that try to sing to us “, a line that evokes tropes of the existential and something of the ghost of Borges and his journeys into the the realms of magic realism.

    This post marks the welcome return to our vibrant poetic community of an author much missed by their absence.

    1. Vands Post author

      Thank You so much. Thanks for the reminders to poets who had gone missing. As they say poets can’t stay away from the smell of poetry for long. Flattering to get such a review and to be so loved and by the community and grateful that you noticed our absence.


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