Something I Look At

i know not
how many deaths i have died
but i will live life to the full
before i die my last death

i know not
how many times i ran away
how many times i escaped
but i will be with life and reality once again

for a change
let me see life in me and others
plants and animals
add beauty and glamour to years
rather than making it just another year

let me dream a better life
hope and wish to have all those things
love, life and concern, peace, brotherhood and freedom which i badly missed over the years

let me realise the reality
all along i have been betraying myself
running away from life
i will dive deep into it, to feel it, feel its warmth and beauty

i don’t remember
how many times i was loved and betrayed
how many times i became the cause of other’s sorrow and happiness
how i utilised my time and resources
let me learn and develop upon my lapses

if there is a time
it is right here knocking at me
this is the year i have been looking forward to
and by all means i will make it count

let the sun come out with all its colours
to have a glimpse of the blooming lotus
the moon and oceans rewrite the lyric of love in the silent hours of the dark night
let the moist earth romance with the twinkling stars and make our life a heaven of glee and mirth

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©2018
All Copyrights Reserved.

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