Soaking blue

The bridge where souls get intoxicated
With a sky soaking blue
Poisoned with green, smelly waters

The bridge where steps catch wings
Where my eyelashes drip primordial dews

The bridge between a roller coaster me
Amd all the other better versions that will follow
The bridge across the nostalgia meadows
Pinning my joints to the volcanic ashes

6 thoughts on “Soaking blue

  1. louiskasatkin

    The reader will savour this poem’s pronounced unsettling quality,suffused with its frisson of a tentative narrative grasping at a fleeting coherence. It’s like a cinematic flashback in a classic Hollywood Noir.

    1. iulia gherghei Post author

      Thank you so much, Louis Kasatkin!!! Your perfect perception over my writings is astounding!! Most honored!!!


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